uberX Melbourne – Eligibility

Please make sure you read all of the following to help us get you on the road faster!

Required Documents

We need you to provide 3 documents to us by bringing them into the office when you come in. Please bring all documents with you.

These documents are:

  • your driver’s licence (needs to be a Victorian licence)
  • your passport or birth certificate (please bring an original hard copy)
  • your insurance policy (you must be a listed driver, it needs a valid expiry)

If you already have a Driver’s Accreditation (taxi licence) bring it along as well as your vehicle registration and we will get you on the road immediately!

What type of car do you need?

To partner with Uber your car needs to in good condition and meet the following requirements:

  • 4 doors or more
  • 9 years or newer (2006 at present)
  • Have Comprehensive or third party insurance
  • Registered to a person (can’t be in a company name, a novated lease or a hire car)

Please note – you do not need to be the registered owner of the car. But you do need to be a listed driver on the insurance.

We don’t have a specified list of suitable cars though we do recommend having a medium-sized economical sedan in great condition to ensure a great rider experience!

Eligibility to drive

Please note if you do not meet the following requirements, Uber reserves the right to request that you receive your Hire Car Accreditation from the Taxi Commission before we may partner with you:

  • you have not held an open Victorian Licence for more than 6 months
  • you have ever lost your licence
  • you have any criminal convictions

Any questions?

Please contact us at partnersmelbourne@uber.com