Things to Do: Top 5 Nightlife Spots in Washington DC

Bordered by Dupont Circle, Embassy Row, and Woodley Park, Adams Morgan is one of Washington DC’s most eclectic neighborhoods. This small, colorful area is known for its nightlife, and parking can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. You won’t want to waste time hoofing it for blocks because by the time you reach the hottest new restaurant or trendy bar you won’t be able to get in the door. Take an Uber to some of these top spots for good times—without the work of driving and parking in Adams Morgan:

Madam’s Organ

If you want the quintessential Adams Morgan experience, Madam’s Organ is the place to be. This iconic, four-level, five-bar establishment is home to a live stage, balcony, rooftop bar, and one of the most notable outdoor murals this side of the Potomac River. As a blues bar, the drinks are flowing and the music is sometimes in the form of an open mic or “drunkeoke.” As a soul food restaurant, the offerings are unique and delicious. Playful decor makes this anchor establishment a great drop-off destination in the heart of Adams Morgan. (2461 18th St NW)

Duplex Diner

Located on 18th and U Street at the intersection of Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle, theDuplex Diner is proud of its reputation: a destination with a family feel, great food, strong drinks, and plenty of fun. When your Uber drops you off here, you can fill your stomach and be on your way in either direction for the neighborhood haunts of your choice, or spend the rest of the night in cozy comfort at the diner. (2004 18th St NW)

L’Enfant Cafe

It may be an authentic French café and bar, but L’Enfant Cafe is also home to one of the most charged Adams Morgan atmospheres. If you’re fortunate enough to get there early, you can spend the twilight hours enjoying people-watching with outdoor seating. More adventurous souls reserve space for La Boum Brunch (French for “house party”) in the afternoon and thrill-seekers pursue the hard-to-get spots at La Boum Boum Room, which promises burlesque, a trapeze swing, plenty of skin, and raunchy interactive games. (2000 18th St NW)

Town Tavern

The Town Tavern has branded itself as all-American fun, with a turn-of-the-century pub atmosphere on the first floor and modern music, DJs, room to dance, and party areas on the second floor. This gathering spot is smack-dab in the middle of Adams Morgan and is a popular destination for sports fanatics, with high-def plasma flat-screens broadcasting sporting events on both coasts. (2323 18th St NW)

Dan’s Cafe

A dive bar and proud of it, Dan’s Cafe is truly a hole-in-the-wall in Adams Morgan. Blink and you will definitely miss this boarded-up destination with a faded sign over the beat-up old door. Inside, the cash-only bar represents every hard-up, hometown watering hole you see represented in movies about blue-collar towns. With dim lighting, cheap drinks, and cranky bartenders, Dan’s Cafe is an experience. One of their biggest claims to fame: Shots mixed in a ketchup squeeze bottle—and you serve yourself. (2315 18th St NW)

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