The Top 10 Facts You May Not Know About Uber Driver Partners

There is no “typical” driver with Uber: from Janet a retired ambulance medic, who now drives with Uber — to Keiry, an aspiring bakery owner, who drives 10-15 hours a week to put money back into her business.

Driver-partners are using the Uber platform in many different ways, from earning a full-time income to supplementing their salaries at other jobs. Drivers have complete flexibility and control over their use of the Uber app, so they can make money on their own time to meet their own unique goals.

Check Out The Top 10 facts You May Not Know About Our Driver-Partners:

1) 87% of driver-partners said that a major reason they drive on the Uber platform is to be their own boss and set their own schedule.*

2) 85% of driver-partners said that a major reason to work with Uber was to have more flexibility in their schedule and balance their work with life and family.*

3) 73% of driver-partners say they would rather have a job where they choose their own schedule and are their own boss than a steady 9-5 job with some benefits and a set salary.*

4) 65% of driver-partners changed the number of hours worked per week by more than 25% from one week to the next.*

5) 50% of U.S. Uber driver-partners, on average, drive fewer than 10 hours a week.

6) 61% of driver-partners have full-time or part-time careers outside of Uber.*

7) 1 out of 3 drivers-partners are using Uber to make extra spending money.*

8) Driver-partners are diverse:

  • 71% of driver-partners have dependents living at home (children, parents, etc.)
  • 25% are over the age of 50
  • 19% are under the age of 30
  • 14% are women
  • Nearly 8% of driver-partners are veterans or from military households*

9) Driver-partners hold many different jobs, including: professional football player, university president, musician, firefighter, actress, high school teacher, graphic designer, and orphanage founder.

10) There are hundreds of thousands of drivers signing up on the platform every month, and our millionth driver-partner just took his first passenger on an Uber trip.

*This statistic is from a survey of U.S. driver-partners.

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