The Icing on the Cake

Last week, the charming San Francisco blog “Scenes from My Hood” posted a contest to readers offering a free Uber ride for the best response to the question: How would you spend your Uber ride? Kate (the talented blogger behind the “Scenes”) got loads of truly wonderful responses. After combing through the best of the best, she announced two winners. Here is one of the winner’s (Jordan’s) winning response:

“I was thinking all day about how i’d spend a glorious free ride in san francisco. i don’t have a car so i usually commute via muni or walk. i enjoy the walking, it reminds me that my legs are strong and powerful even if they aren’t exceptionally long or thin. i don’t mind taking the bus, it helps me remember i am beyond blessed to be living in a city filled with vastly different worlds i can travel to in mere minutes.

i’ve figured out the perfect way i would utilize a free ride. my mom is coming to visit next week for my twenty-sixth birthday, and though it may seem a bit non traditional, since birthdays are all about the birth-ee, i think the perfect way to spend my birthday this year is to take my mom out to an appreciation dinner. see, i had big plans for twenty five, and like all big plans, they didn’t exactly work out the way i had hoped. instead of ringing in the year with lavish gifts, celebrations and security, i found myself twentyfive, unemployed and single. if it weren’t for the support of my amazing friends and remarkable family i don’t know how the rest of this year would have turned out.

my parents supported me financially through my entire unemployment. they also put me through school, talked me through heartbreaks, flew me home when i just couldn’t deal, and put up with a lot of lip from a little girl with big hair. i’m in a place this year where i’m back on my feet with an amazing job, the same awesome friends (and even more so) and my rock solid family who never asked for anything back, just congratulated me when i got back on my feet. i’m going to take my mom to dinner and say thank you, but the free ride would just be icing on my birthday cake. ;)

it really does take some perspective to realize how blessed and lucky you are to live your dreams, because even if they aren’t the dreams you originally planned for, living in san francisco while being safe, happy and healthy is a pretty big dream come true.”

Jordan—Thanks for your inspiring response reminding us to embrace the solid support from the people in our lives over the fragile plans and expectations we set for ourselves. Enjoy your birthday celebration with Ma (I’m glad we could provide the icing). And Congrats to you and Ellen on your free Uber ride!

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