Uber for Less: Taipei Lowers Prices

Uber Taipei is taking a cue from the departed typhoon and blowing everyone away – we’re lowering prices by 40%! After the past few weeks being here in Taipei shuttling everyone around town, we’ve decided to lower our fares so that Uber can be even more accessible to everyone. In our new price structure, we are only ~1.5x the average price of a taxi fare! Not only that – we’re giving away free gifts again in our car! What other excuse do you have not to ride Uber?


Average fare will be 40% cheaper

pricing_new_1We know! Taipei has some serious rush hour and rainy weather traffic. That’s why we’ve decided to significantly lower our time charges so that all your short term fares will cost significantly less! You’re welcome! Some sample fares?


Fare split + New prices = more money in the bank

We noticed that many of our Taipei users still haven’t experimented with our fare split feature – what better time to use this than under our new pricing? Split the cost with a few friends and family and you’ll be travelling around town in style for a fraction of the price! For more info on how it works, see our fare splitting post.

Cut fares, give mugs

Lastly, we know how much everyone enjoyed our Chinese Valentine’s Day flower giveaway, so we’ve prepared some more freebies for you! For a limited time, riders will get one free Uber mug for every ride they take. Take a ride now and you’ll be the envy of all your office mates!


For those who have been slow to join us, catch up with the crowd! New members who sign up with the promo code TAIPEILOVE will get their first ride for free! It’s good for a ride up to NT$600, but the promo ends at the end of the month so hurry it up!


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Uber 在全球持續努力與各地政府溝通合作,在台灣,我們同樣期望能將此接納平台價值的管理架構作為與台灣政府討論的重點。Uber 在全球與各地政府在法規管理上亦有不同的學習,其中都包括保障以下三點原則:

– 行程安全保障:運用智慧科技確保每一趟行程的安全。
– 駕駛人權益:彈性經濟制度與數據化的效率提升-為駕駛人帶來更多的經濟可能,更自由賺取額外收入。
– 消費者選擇:尊重市場機制,創造具備競爭的市場環境,讓駕駛與消費者可選擇不同平台,並且由市場供需決定價格

在許多地方,職業計程車的相關法規在網際網路出現之前就已經完成。過去十年之間,因為科技發展,這些法規也開始面臨許多挑戰。在網路時代,大家已經明白線上拍賣平台不是零售商、訂房網站不是旅館業,管理 YouTube 或直播平台與電視台的也有不同的規管辦法…