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Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, has quickly become one of the best cities to both live in and visit. Known for its friendly people, cheap and delicious eats, and impressive architecture, there’s no shortage of things to do and places to visit here. You can seamlessly switch between the posh XinYi district for some of the best shopping and nightlife that Asia has to offer and the authentic night markets filled with food stands that will wow you in both taste and price.

Taipei, Meet Uber

On July 29th, 2013, Taipei became just the second city in Asia for Uber to launch. Today, we already have 12 cities in Asia that you can easily use the Uber app to request a ride. We like to think that we were a big part of getting the Uber momentum going out in this region!

The people of Taipei absolutely love the UberBlack service due to its safety, elegance, and of course affordability. Previously, Black Cars were strictly reserved for the rich and famous in Taipei, but upon the introduction of Uber, now anyone with a smartphone can easily ride in comfort and style! Not only is Uber the favorite amongst socialites and celebrities when they attend social events, everyone else is using it too! From going to work, taking out a special date, or dropping off your kids at school, Uber is quickly becoming everyone in Taipei’s best friend. 


Top 5 Places in Taipei


101 Building

The tallest building in Asia and the second tallest building in the world, you can’t really fathom the grandness of the 101 until you actually see it in person. Within the building is a luxurious shopping mall and food court, as well as offices for many of the multinational companies situated in Taipei. For a small fee, you can take an elevator straight to the top, where you can literally fine dine on the top of the city while enjoying a magnificent view of the Taipei skyline.

Din Tai Fung

If there’s one restaurant you want to check out in Taipei, its this one. Named by New York Times as “one of the best restaurants in the world” and awarded one Michelin star, this place is world famous for its steamed dumplings – xiaolongbao (小籠包). Be prepared for long lines on the weekends though, as tourists and locals alike flood this restaurant on the weekend. There’s a string of branches around the city – but if you can make it out to the original one that’s been around since 1980, you’ll be in for a treat.


Although only opened fairly recently, this building is quickly becoming the favorite destination of all of the youngsters in Taipei. Not only does it have a solid shopping center with delicious restaurants, it also is home to 3 different bars and 3 nightclubs! Stream, Halo, and Sky Bar offer a relaxed environment for some drinks with friends while enjoying the view of the 101, which sits directly across. Myst, Spark ATT, and Hive is where you go to dance the night away. Just be sure to get there early, because the lines often go around the block!

Shilin Night Market

Night markets are famous in Taipei, and the one to go to is Shilin Night Market. It’s probably one of the most well-organized and popular night markets out here. There’s a centralized food court that serves all types of local delicacies, some of which aren’t available anywhere else. If you’re looking for some sausage wrapped in glutinous rice, stir-fried squids, oyster omelets, super-sized fried chicken, or ribs stewed in chinese herbal medicine, you’ll find yourself in heaven!

National Palace Museum

The Taipei National Palace Museum is famous within the region and has been open since 1965. It houses the largest collection of priceless Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world. Inside you’ll find amazing collections of  ancient bronze castings, calligraphy, scroll paintings, porcelain, jade, and rare books, and the total collection is made up of over 650,000 pieces, so you might want to start browsing early!


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Uber 在全球持續努力與各地政府溝通合作,在台灣,我們同樣期望能將此接納平台價值的管理架構作為與台灣政府討論的重點。Uber 在全球與各地政府在法規管理上亦有不同的學習,其中都包括保障以下三點原則:

– 行程安全保障:運用智慧科技確保每一趟行程的安全。
– 駕駛人權益:彈性經濟制度與數據化的效率提升-為駕駛人帶來更多的經濟可能,更自由賺取額外收入。
– 消費者選擇:尊重市場機制,創造具備競爭的市場環境,讓駕駛與消費者可選擇不同平台,並且由市場供需決定價格

在許多地方,職業計程車的相關法規在網際網路出現之前就已經完成。過去十年之間,因為科技發展,這些法規也開始面臨許多挑戰。在網路時代,大家已經明白線上拍賣平台不是零售商、訂房網站不是旅館業,管理 YouTube 或直播平台與電視台的也有不同的規管辦法…