2013 Uber 萬聖節聯合派對 Uber Halloween, party everywhere!



如果你這禮拜有計劃要出門慶祝,來加入我們吧:) 今年 Uber 萬聖節聯合派對召集各大酒吧和夜店一同和你慶祝這一年一度的盛大活動喔!這星期六 10/26 只要使用 Uber App 叫車並在以下指定酒吧和夜店下車,秀出你手機上當天的乘車明細和下車地點於領檯查看,即可享不同的特別優惠喔!

  • Barcode:買一送一酒券乙張

  • Brass Monkey: VIP的方式快速入場,節省大排長龍的困擾。註:需變裝

  • Chess Club:12:30am 前入場,啤酒和 DJB+Vodka 免費暢飲至 1:30am

  • Little London:一杯免費特調酒品

  • LMNT:買一送一酒券,可買亨利爵士琴酒飲品或老虎/佳士伯啤酒

  • Myst:免費獲得一瓶海泥根(限量前150名)。其餘入場者可獲得 Uber 乘車體驗券一份。 註:需購票入場,需變裝

  • Sky Garden:任何酒類享買一送一乙次

如果你的親朋好友也想一同共襄盛舉,也歡迎他們下載 Uber App 並使用 Uber 優惠序號「TPEBOO」可免費試乘一次 (最高享NT$300, 限新會員),即可一起參加此次的萬聖節聯合派對喔!祝你們玩得愉快,我們星期六見囉!

Happy Halloween!!

Hey Uber riders – what do you have planned for Halloween this year? Any crazy ideas for your costume?

If you’re planning to go out this weekend, we’ve scouted out all the hottest Halloween parties that are happening this Saturday, 10/26. Since these venues love Uber riders so much, they’re offering a special promotion as long as you take Uber to them on that night! Just simply show them your Uber ride receipt at the reception and you’ll be eligible for their offer! Here are our partners and their offers:

  • Barcode:Buy 1 get 1 free drink coupon.

  • Brass Monkey: Skip the regular line and get in through the VIP entrance (MUST wear costume).

  • Chess Club: Arrive before 12:30am and receive Free Flow of beer and DJB+Vodka until 1:30am.

  • Little London: One free house cocktail

  • LMNT: Buy 1 get 1 free on a Hendrick’s Gin drink or Tiger/Carlsberg beer.

  • Myst:Free bottle of Heineken, limited to the first 150 users. Everyone else receives an additional Uber ride coupon (MUST purchase entrance ticket at door and wear costume).

  • Sky Garden:Buy 1 get 1 free for any drink.

Also, if you’re planning on bringing a friend, sign them up with the promo code 「TPEBOO」 and they can enjoy all of the above and also get NT$300 off their first ride!

範例:Uber 乘車明細 Ride receipt


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