歡慶萬聖,使用 Uber 免費試乘BMW!Free Uber rides on BMW for Halloween!

大人小孩最期待的萬聖節將於本週五粉墨登場!去年我們與最酷炫的酒吧及夜店合作,帶著全臺北的狂歡市民悠遊全城的精彩派對,今年,Uber 臺北將邀請大家免費試乘 BMW 最新車款「BMW 2系列Active Tourer萬聖特仕車」!

Happy Halloween! Is everyone getting ready to close out the year? For Halloween last year, we partnered with some of Taipei’s coolest bars to offer up some great promotions for Halloween partygoers. This year, we’ve teamed up with BMW to roll out their brand new BMW 2 series Active Tourer on the Uber platform for free!


2014年10月31日(五)至11月2日(日)週末期間,限量 BMW 2系列Active Tourer萬聖特仕車將隨機現身台北市區,現在就下載 Uber App 並註冊成為會員才有機會免費搭乘喔!活動期間使用 Uber App,只要往左滑選【BMW免費試乘】,只要你夠幸運,就有機會免費乘坐最新款BMW 萬聖特仕車!此外,上傳個人Facebook或Instagram並於內文加上 #UBERxBMW,還有機會獲得BMW限量精美禮品,以及 Uber 大方送出的NT$1,500元 乘車金喔!派對季節 Uber 與BMW一同邀您秀出驚人創意,一起搞怪歡度萬聖夜!

Throughout this weekend, there will be a limited number of BMW 2 series Active Tourers within Taipei available for dispatch on the Uber platform. All you need to do is download our app and you get a chance to get a ride in one of these new vehicles for free! Additionally, if you’re lucky enough to get a car, you can win some other great prizes by uploading a photo onto Facebook or Instagram! Ride to your Halloween parties in these brand new BWM’s in style!


uberX 降價15% ,再推BMW萬聖限定車款免費試乘!

UBER x BMW萬聖特仕車限時限量,想要免費搭乘還要看看你有沒有好運氣!手氣不好的朋友也別擔心,臺北 Uber 上個週末起回饋大價降,uberX 菁英優步已經成為台北市最便宜的交通工具之一,趕著去派對也別忘了還有安全、舒適又平價的乘車新選擇!臺北地區的民眾,在本週末10/31-11/2期間,一起享受由專屬司機駕駛BMW最新車款帶您暢行臺北市區!詳細活動辦法如下:

Supply will be extremely limited, so be patient if you can’t get a free ride. If you really need to get somewhere quick, uberX is another great option! As a reminder, we’ve recently reduced our uberX prices with the minimum fare only at NT60. This makes uberX one of the cheapest transportation options in Taipei! Here’s how we stack up:



#UBERxBMW 萬聖特仕車免費試乘

  • 活動日期:2014年10月31日(五)至11月2日(日)
  • 活動時間:10月31日(五)14:00-18:00;20:00-22:00



  • 活動辦法:
    • 步驟1. 下載 Uber 註冊個人資料,並選擇【BMW免費試乘 】


    • 步驟2. 與「BMW 2系列Active Tourer萬聖特仕車」合照上傳至個人Facebook動態或Instagram並於內文標籤 #UBERxBMW,隱私需設定為公開(每車每組限乘一次;每次限時15分鐘)
  • 活動獎品:
  1. 與「BMW 2系列Active Tourer萬聖特仕車」合照並成功上傳即可獲得BMW限量精美贈品
  2. 最有創意的前5名萬聖節裝扮照片另可獲得 NT$1,500的 Uber 乘車金;Uber將於2014年11月3日(一)於Uber Taiwan粉絲專頁中公佈得獎名單
  • 注意事項:
  1. 需將分享的隱私設定為「公開」,以免失去參加資格
  2. Uber 服務範圍為台北地區,本活動乘坐區域限定為台北市大安區、信義區及松山區,如有問題請聯絡supporttaipei@uber.com
  3. Uber臺北保有活動變更之權利


#UBERxBMW event details

  •      Event Date: 10/31/2014  – 11/2/2014
  •      Event Time

o   10/31 –  14:00-18:00, 20:00-22:00

o   11/1 –  14:00-22:00

o   11/2 – 11:00-20:00

  •      How to participate
    1. Download and register Uber
    2. Choose the BMW option on your slider
    3. If you’re lucky enough to get a car, enjoy your ride within Taipei city for up to 15 minutes! (maximum of one ride per group)
    4. After the ride, you can take a picture with the car and upload it onto your Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #UBERxBMW (make sure your privacy settings are set to public)
    5. You’ll get a special gift from BMW at the end of your ride for uploading while supplies last
    6. Additionally, Uber Taipei will pick out the 5 most creative photos at the end of the event and award them with NT1500 of Uber credit each! (To be announced on our Facebook page)
  •      Note

o   Must set your photo to public on FB/Instagram to participate

o   Must take rides within Taipeis DaAn, XinYi, and SongSan areas.

o   Please contact supporttaipei@uber.com for questions

o   Uber Taipei reserves the right to make any changes to the event





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