Throughout the centuries, Colombia’s Golden Gate has led the way to progress and development. Today Uber crosses that gate to give Barranquilla the best in transportation technology and safety.

Humphrey B Bear Welcomes Uber to Adelaide

Even rival football captains, Nathan van Berlo and Travis Boak can agree that Adelaide needs a stylish, safe and reliable way to get around. Download the Uber app today.

Uber Vienna Has Officially Launched!

We’ve had secret Ubers rolling around the streets of Vienna for the last few weeks and you guys seem to love it, so let’s just cut to the chase: It is our pleasure to formally announce that Uber Vienna has officially launched! Since getting started here we have seen an incredible uptake and the local support […]

Secret Ubers Spotted in London!

London’s first riders have emerged!

Uber “Secret Testing Phase” Begins in Vancouver!

Life in Hollywood North can be filled with drama, but that doesn’t mean your transportation needs to be. Vancouver seems to be hot for Uber! Ever since our Happy Hour two weeks ago, people have been trying to request cars all throughout the city. So it comes as no surprise that we found ourselves with both […]

Uber App Update: One account, many credit cards!

You asked and it’s here! Now, you can add multiple credit cards to your Uber account.

Celebrating Uber’s NYC launch!

  Last night, Uber hosted a dinner at Del Posto in the Meatpacking District of New York to mark the start of our NYC service. And what a night! *head throbs* Uber family, friends and New York Tech’s brightest stars turned out to celebrate the official kick-off of our Big Apple mission. Thanks to everyone […]

Uber NYC has launched

We are #superpumped to announce that Uber has officially gone multi-city as we drop ‘Secret Uber‘ testing and launch in New York City