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3 Uber Tips to Get Your Holidays on the Right Track

With so much going on, a happy elf like yourself may not have time to plan ahead. With that in mind, we’re hoping Uber can bring a little more joy to your world with these tips.

Ride with Uber, Pay with Google

Announcing a new integration with Google Wallet!

Expanding the Uberverse!

Uber to your adventures, now with a brand new Android app and our first ever app releases for Blackberry and Windows Phone!

Uber, just the way you like it!

Choice is a beautiful thing. Starting this week in a city near you, you’ll be able to select the type of Uber you want to get. Our classic black car option will continue to be available in all cities but we’ll be rolling out multiple types of vehicles on a city by city basis.

Get your Uber app now, fresh from the oven!

The latest version of the Uber app is now available for download in the App Store!

Uber App Update: One account, many credit cards!

You asked and it’s here! Now, you can add multiple credit cards to your Uber account.