SXSW Day 1: Live Blogging the #UberPedicabSXSW Madness!


Day 1 of SXSW ends with – as said by Uber and StumbleUpon Founder Garrett Camp (@gmc) – ‘the geekiest moment of SXSW’. Thanks to @deviantART for the photo and to Formspring Founder Ade Olonoh (@adeolonoh) for modeling!


Uber CEO Travis Kalanick (@tkalanick) and some of the Uber crew catch up with our VIP limo near the W Hotel.


As midnight approaches, SXSW party people are just getting started!


@delynator gives you a bird’s eye view of the cashless payment experience with our iPhone app.


Uber VIPs get their first look at our 1978 Cadillac Limo officially arriving into Austin!


Thanks to Jeff Slobotski (@slobtski) for the props and this great shot of Uber pedicabs in the wild.


We get our first night time snap of Day 1 from @devon. We’re running until the early hours, so let us help you get home tonight!


@macaby gets her first taste of Uber Pedicab action at the SXSW Purevolume House.


@bmull Nice shot! Does that lady have a dog?


Thanks @irinatag!!! Nice use of the Poprocket Instagram filter. Keep the #UberSpotting coming (and use the tweet so we can HOOK YOU UP!!!)



Check out this ride along the beautiful river! So rad!

Make sure these guys get a solid tip & remember, 20% is going to LIVESTRONG!



Mad props to Ron (@tobiasblue) who did the awesome Uber designs for SXSW!!!

Ron – So fun to see my @uber designs in such awesome context RT @mbaratz This is easily becoming a habit @ On an uber



MOAR #UberSpotting!!!

And Mashable wrote a great piece of the Uber Pedicabs!

“The Uber Pedicab program makes for a cashless transportation experience and is designed to turn downtown transports into fun rides for the SXSW Interactive crowd. So far, so good, says vice president of business operations Ryan Graves. “People really love it,” he says, explaining that attendees are jubilantly tweeting and Instagraming (using the hashtag #uberspotting) about their pedicab rides.”


Our Twitter client just went into meltdown, which can only mean one thing – Mashable’s Uber SXSW post is online now!



Uber pedicab to the rescue! “@MargieNewman: #sxsw shuttles are MIA. Thanks, pedicab guy, for getting me to my next session”


Thanks, Lance! You’re way. Too. Awesome. Too.


Uber Ops team, hard at work to make your SXSW an Uber Pedicab extravaganza!


Uber GM Ryan Graves took a ride with Mashable reporter Jenn Van Grove (@jbruin) and had a blast. Looking forward to seeing her video post later today. Thanks so much, Jenn!


Our favourite quote by a pedicab driver so far (via @caro): “I love this thing. It’s like I’m in a video game, a little blue dot chasing all these people.”


Day 1 is heating up – and our drivers are ready and waiting to serve!

Follow us on (ubersxsw) and also be sure to tag all your Uber photos with #uberspotting for the chance to get free Uber credits for your next ride.


Thanks @NihalMehta for #UberSpotting a shot that may very well go down in Uber history… game on folks & welcome to SXSW 2011!



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