Zurich, your uberX is here!

One year ago we brought UberBlack to Zurich and six months later UberVan joined the family. Now we’re facing the next big step that brings us even closer to being Everyone’s Private Driver. Please welcome: uberX!


UberX is a low-cost, eco-friendly and convenient way to traveling around Zurich. Licensed drivers with vehicles such as Toyota Prius are on the streets of Zurich for you. We’re proud to be able to provide the most economical way to move around in Zurich besides public transportation.

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Uber is changing the way people are moving around in cities with affordable products and eco-friendly vehicles. Take an UberBlack to the gala and an uberX for your daily routine: This is how top model Nadine Strittmatter uses Uber in Paris, when travelling and from today also in Zurich.

Foto: Andrea Monica Hug

“When I’m not travelling by car, Uber is my favourite alternative,” she says. No surprise, she’s our Rider Zero for uberX in Zurich! Thank you, Nadine for being awesome and Andrea Monica Hug for the amazing photos!



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[h1 class=”” span=””]uberX DURING WORLD CUP[/h1]

Just in time for World Cup Brazil 2014, we’re launching the low cost alternative, uberX. This means you can leave your car at home, enjoy the game, have a beer or two and not have to worry about getting home, as uberX has that covered. We’ll get you home safely and affordably, even after the midnight games!

Use the code WM2014 to get 50% off your five first uberX rides during World Cup! You’ll only have to enter the code once. Invite your friends to join your Uber journey and split the fare to reduce your uberX costs even further!


Happy ubering!

Your Team Zurich
Sarah, Ricky & Rasoul


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*How are uberX prices that low?
The low price is made possible by combining advanced technology and cost-efficient cars. Uber’s technical solution allows a more efficient usage of cars with optimal positioning and shorter pick up times, which means our partners can maximise the number of trips they can handle during their shift.


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