FREE Juices at the tap of a button – no matter where you are in Zurich!

In the last two days we received positive feedback for providing free HEYLIFE juices (and other summery and sporty surprises) for our UberBLACK riders. Now, we’re going one step further for those who ran out of luck – we will be delivering HEYLIFE juices at the tap of a button directly to you, no matter where you are in Zurich city!

Enjoy a full throttle of freshness with FREE HEYLIFE juices today (Friday)!


  • WHEN: Friday, June 12, 2015
  • WHEN EXACTLY: from 9am to 12 pm (while stocks last!)
  • WHERE: Zurich city (requests from outside the city cannot be considered)
  • WHAT: #GreenElixir & #ChiaGlow juice as well as other surprises that will get you fit for summer!
  • HOW: Open your app starting at 9am, move slider to the uberJUICE view, enter your location and order! Attention: There will be no rides, only ordering of free juices to your location.

*Important: Due to high demand, we will unfortunately not be able to cater to all of your requests. We suggest trying several times and wish you loads of luck!*

Our Partner HEYLIFE
Fresh, raw, pure, vegan, veggies, fruits in a liquid form – that’s HEYLIFE in 5 words…well, 10! But that’s just because it’s so good and sourced locally here in Zurich. Alongside many healthy ingredients, the juice is cold-pressed and enjoyed immediately if not sooner 🙂

This truly amazing elixir is yummy-green and enjoys the reputation of having the most intense taste of all HEYLIFE juices. Why so green? Amongst others, it’s made out of spinach, cucumbers and apples plus fresh ginger and lemons that will provide you with essential nutrients for the day!
This glowing powerhouse is made out of carrots, pineapples, pears and is complemented by oranges as well as beets, fresh ginger, lemon and chia seeds. These very potent ingredients will boost your metabolism and help you power through the day!

Share your best pictures with us on Instagram and Twitter with #UberHEYLIFE and @uber_schweiz. Looking forward to your pics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 😉

Get juice’d by #UberHEYLIFE!
Your team Zurich,
Siri, Sarah & Maria

*While stocks last*

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