Uber et les Aigles de Genève font équipe pour un meilleur accès aux Vernets

Uber et le Genève Servette Hockey Club (GSHC) s’associent pour offrir aux spectateurs et aux visiteurs de la patinoire des Vernets un partenariat inédit en Suisse. Cette collaboration s’inscrit dans la volonté d’améliorer l’accessibilité de la patinoire et de fournir aux spectateurs une expérience de match unique. Dès le premier match à domicile le 7 […]

Here’s to easy choices

Starting today, we are dedicated to making your and your driver’s experience with the Uber App better.

To the moms who inspire us

Everyday riders and partner drivers meet in cars around our cities. Sometimes they share a long ride, sometimes just a few minutes, but in that meeting there are always two, or more, people that have stories and might have a lot in common.

Charte de la communauté Uber Suisse

L’équipe Uber Suisse est partie à la pêche aux meilleurs conseils en interrogeant des chauffeurs partenaires et des passagers pour savoir ce qui était le plus important pour eux. Pour que l’expérience sur Uber soit la meilleure, il nous semblait important de rappeler un certain nombre de principes destinés à l’ensemble de la communauté, les passagers comme les chauffeurs.

Uber and Electron together again

If you are a real “Genevois” you must have heard about Electron! The biggest electronic festival of the Canton!

This year, for the third time in a row, we are getting together with Electron to reach the same goal: Prevention!

Uber and Tupperware

We teamed up with Tupperware for World Water Day and placed Tupperware bottles in selected Uber vehicles all over Switzerland. Grab one and start using it today. It’s a small gesture to start reducing the amount of plastic we use and throw away.

Classic Cars On Demand in Basel

Free rides to and from Baselworld 2017 with Uber and Zenith.

Uber and Skioo together again

The winter season is not yet over, and we heard that the slopes will be as good as you are hoping. So we have decided to partner again with Skioo to create for you a special offer for a great day at the slopes.

Uber Community: The Ladies Series

Louisa Gisler is a Product Designer specialized in textile design, but works in the media industry as a Product Manager for events and cooperations at annabelle and Das Magazin. Get to know her in this interview.

Uber and Infiniti

Good morning Geneva!! Yes, the craziest week of the year has officially started and the Geneva Motor Show will open his doors on March the 9th
One of our partner, Infiniti, is offering 2×10 tickets to the Uber users in Suisse Romande.