2013 Brings Longer Days, Sunny Skies, and Secret Ubers to Stockholm!

Known for its beautiful blondes, long summer days, and world-class meatballs, Stockholm is a city that appreciates the finer things in life. It’s no secret that Stockholmers appreciate quality, convenience, and class, and Secret Ubers have rolled into town just in time to provide all three for 2013!

Julia Frej
Julia Frej snagged the first ever Uber ride in Sweden, and we couldn’t have asked for a better rider to welcome Uber to Stockholm! As a TV host and model, she’s the perfect person to showcase Stockholm’s newest way to arrive in style for your next meeting, party, date, or photoshoot.

Julia fired up the Uber app Friday afternoon on her way out the door to meet a friend for a glass of cava. In just minutes, Khan arrived in his 7-series BMW and whisked her off in style.

With the rise of some of the coolest tech startups around like Spotify, Wrapp and TicTail, Stockholmers are living at the cutting edge of all things awesome, and it’s about time transportation in the city has caught up. Stockholm’s 14 islands have come a long way since the days of the ill-fated Vasa, but with the arrival of UBER, transportation in the capitol has finally reached an all-time high.

And so it begins! Whether you’re rushing across town to your next meeting or heading home from Stureplan after a rowdy night, don’t worry about tracking down a taxi or queuing in the snow. Just download the app for Android or iPhone, or go to m.uber.com, and in minutes your driver will be on their way. Guaranteed to be even easier than assembling an IKEA bookshelf. 😉

In this secret phase we still have limited availability, but undercover Ubers are on the road and ready for adventurous riders and we’re adding more cars every day. Should you manage to get your hands on one of our fine Ubers in Stockholm, send us your feedback and #UberLove to @Uber_Stockholm on Twitter or shoot us an email at SupportStockholm@uber.com.

Ride on,
Team @Uber_Stockholm

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