Supporting Safe Rides During Sunday’s Big Game


With Sunday’s Big Game in the rear view mirror, we took a closer look at the data to see how Uber riders and fans got around in Phoenix, just a few miles up the road from the showdown in Glendale, Arizona. We also included fans in the home cities of Boston and Seattle in our analysis. We found that football fans made the smart choice to #ThinkAndRide rather than drink and drive on what historically has been one of the deadliest nights of the year for drunk driving.

Many riders took their first trip with Uber this past Sunday, signing up with Uber for the very first time. Looking back over the past month of Sundays¹, we saw a bump in sign-ups during the conference championships but nothing compared to the spike produced by the finale. Uber sign-ups in Boston, Seattle, and Phoenix doubled from January 25 to the Sunday of the Big Game. And while the result on the field was as close as could be, Boston was the big winner for new Uber users, trouncing Seattle and the host city of Phoenix by a two-to-one margin.

We also wanted to see how far fans in Boston, Seattle and Phoenix traveled in their respective cities to celebrate the occasion. We measured miles traveled in terms of football fields (naturally).

No matter the team colors, Uber is committed to helping fans across the country celebrate responsibly. On Sunday, for every user that entered the promo code THINKANDRIDE from 3 pm until midnight—we donated $1 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving to help support their efforts to make drunk-driving crashes a thing of the past.

While the Big Game was a competition between teams from the Northeast and Northwest, people from all regions were supporting safer rides. Here is the leaderboard for the top cities—and times—when #ThinkAndRide was top of mind. We found that people were most engaged in the two hours before kick-off.

Leaderboards ranked by time from left to right; all times are in EST.

Leaderboard ranked by city from left to right.

As we close out a great season, thanks to all the MVPs who made the choice to #ThinkAndRide instead of drink and drive. Whether you are on your home turf or visiting, Uber and MADD want you to be on the winning team that always has a safe and reliable ride with Uber or another non-drinking, designated driver.

Learn more about our partnership with MADD and commitment to make streets safer.


¹ Note: sold-out divisional round playoff games hosted in Seattle and Boston the week before the conference championships were on Saturdays and thus are not included in this reference.