WesBank Full Maintenance Lease



Enjoy the flexibility and the enhanced earning potential through the Full Maintenance Lease deal facilitated through WesBank. If you have not yet applied or your application was declined, please see www.ubermarketplace.co.za to apply or see the tips on how to get approved after a decline.

Outlined below is some important information that you need to take note of.


  • WesBank will lease the vehicle to you for a period of 36 months and unlimited kilometers
  • An initiation fee is to be paid into WesBank’s account upfront before we can proceed with your deal
  • You will have use of the vehicle but will not own the vehicle
  • At the end of the contract, the vehicle will be returned to WesBank
  • WesBank will collect weekly payments directly from Uber. The weekly payments will consist of a fixed and variable portion.
  • The vehicle cannot be taken across the borders during the lease period.
  • The deal includes:
    • Maintenance
    • Replacement Tyres
    • Insurance
    • Vehicle Tracking Device
    • Annual licence renewal
    • Smash and Grab



Please ensure that your vehicle is serviced according to manufacturers requirements and specifications.

We are happy to assist in facilitating the booking of the service. Please consult the drivers guide given to you upon initation of your contract.


Maintenance inclusions:

  • Services
  • Maintenance
  • Normal wear and tear items
  • Labour


Maintenance exclusions:

    • Warranty related items
    • Top-up oils
    • Insurable damage
    • Driver abuse items
    • Windscreen and glass
    • Paintwork



Tyre replacement is included in the deal, limited to:

  • 16 Tyres over 36 months
  • Replaced at a minimum of 45 000km intervals
  • Prior authorization must be obtained from WesBank by the tyre supplier
  • Consult the Drivers Guide for further information



  • Comprehensive insurance is included.
  • Basic Excess:  R2,500 for each and every claim
  • Any claim less than R2 500 should be settled directly by yourself
  • In the event of a claim the number to call is:  0861 464 666 or 0861 886 886
  • Third Party Liability is included for R5 000 000 (this is cover for other people’s vehicles you might damage in the event of an accident)
  • Passenger Liability for R5 000 000 (this is cover for injury for fare paying  passengers in your vehicle)
  • 30 days Car Hire is included and will be arranged by the claims call centre when the claim is reported – you are responsible for the fuel whilst using the hired vehicle
  • Car Hire is also included for sudden and unforeseen mechanical and electrical breakdown, the excess is 24 hours rental. You cannot claim for taking your vehicle in for service related or maintenance purposes
  • Accident tow, mechanical and electrical breakdown is included in the insurance cover


NB: Please ensure that the vehicle is kept in a safe place at all times. WesBank reserves the right to inspect the premises at any time.



  • Your vehicle will be fitted with a tracking device prior to delivery
  • The subscriptions are included in the deal
  • WesBank will access information as and when required



  • Annual renewal of licences (including the operator card) is included in the deal
    • Should there be any toll costs, fines and/or penalties outstanding in connection with the vehicle which prevents WesBank from obtaining the replacement licence disc in respect of the Vehicle, WesBank reserves the right, without notice to you, to pay such amounts on the your behalf and to look to you for immediate reimbursement of these costs.



  • An upfront initiation fee (R3,420) is to be paid upfront as per the Vehicle Quote and Order Form
  • Your weekly payments will consist of a fixed portion and a variable portion
  • The fixed portion is linked to the prime lending rate
  • The variable portion will be calculated on the total kilometers travelled (private and Uber kilometers)
  • The weekly kilometers charged for will be based on kilometers travelled from a Thursday to a Wednesday
  • There are two options for consideration in terms of the variable portion:
    • Fixed Variable : The variable cents per kilometer will be fixed for the duration of the contract
    • Variable linked to CPI : The cents per kilometer rate will increase annually by CPI (Inflation)
  • Uber will pay WesBank directly for the weekly payment



Fixed Portion: R667 per week (This will be the same every week unless there is a change in interest rate)

Variable Portion:  1,200  kms (Uber and private kilometers) travelled in the week and a cents per kilometer rate of 80c, for example) – 1,200 X 0.80 = 960

Therefore total weekly payment: R667 (Fixed) + R960 (Variable) = R1 627.00



The following are excluded from the deal and will be for your own account:

  • Fuel
  • Toll fees
  • Top up oil
  • Traffic offences and fines
  • Maintenance expenses outside of normal wear and tear (as a result of negligence or misuse of the vehicle)



You must ensure that you are fully compliant at all time in terms of Uber, WesBank and all legal and statutory requirements.

The following must be adhered to, provided and / or renewed timeously to ensure compliance:

  • Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) – to be renewed every 24 months by you
  • Drivers licence – to be renewed prior to expiry
  • Annual proof of residence – to be updated annually
  • Uber Access – you and your vehicle must remain active on the Uber Platform at all times during the contract term. Should you be deactivated for any reason, please advise us immediately

Required Uber document uploads (provided by WesBank and/or Dealership)

  • Certificate of vehicle registration
  • License Disc and Operator Card (Double Discs)
  • Confirmation of Insurance Cover


You will only be able to take delivery of your vehicle once all the above has been complied with and your documents have been uploaded onto your Uber Partner profile. Remember the following:

  • Email the release note from you current partner
  • Request the change of your profile from a driver profile to a partner profile by emailing your local support team
  • Add your new vehicle to your profile on your dashboard (partners.uber.com)
  • Upload all the required documents on your Uber partner profile

WesBank are here to help and assist in any way possible, so please contact the team directly if you encounter any problems relating to the vehicle, maintenance, payment or any other issues. 

For those who have note yet applied, visit www.ubermarketplace.co.za to do so.

If your application has been declined, do not despair. Follow these simple steps to put you in the position to succeed in future.

Declined due to low ratings (<4.60) and/or trip volume (<500 trips):

  • Remember that the app reflects your rating for the last 500 trips. The best way to correct a low rating is simply to put in greater effort in the service you offer your customers over the next 500 trips.
  • If you have not completed 500 trips yet, keep driving and you’ll soon get there. Several drivers complete more than 250 trips each month.

Declined due to excessively high credit risk:

  • Visit sites like TransUnion to purchase your comprehensive credit report. This should give you a clear understanding of your outstanding judgements and/or bad debt.
  • While WesBank will approve those without a credit history, individuals who display evidence of reckless spending/borrowing will need to rectify that prior to applying.


All queries can be logged through :

0861 MY UBER (0861 698 237)



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