OR Tambo: Queueing, How to collect and Parking

Dear Partner

We are writing today to let you know about changes that will be going into effect at OR Tambo Airport from today.

UBER is continually looking at ways to improve the process of collecting Riders from OR Tambo. There have been a number of challenges recently, specifically in terms of parking access and reported intimidation at Arrivals.

To address this we have a number of updates on:

  • Discussions with Stakeholders,
  • Where to wait and virtual queueing
  • Future parking opportunities.

Airport Reminders:

  • All collections should be made at International or Domestic Departure Drop-Off-and-Go areas
  • Call Riders to confirm their location and provide a specific landmark as a point of reference
  • In order to receive pick-up requests you must be in the designated areas detailed below. You will not receive pick-ups if you are waiting in the Drop-Off or Pick-Up-and-Go Area’s, or if you are Parked at the Engen


Stakeholders: ACSA, Erkhuleni and Southern Sun

We are continuously meeting with ACSA and Erkhuleni Municipality to resolve matters of rider collections, parking and reported intimidation at OR Tambo. We have the following updates:

  • Rider Collections – UBER has recommended to all Riders that on arrival all collections should be made at the Drop Off and Go Areas. This is communicated in a splash screen on the Rider phone
  • ACSA – We are in discussions with Management to identify partnership opportunities and will report back at the end of these discussions
  • Parking – We have concluded discussion with Southern Sun for access to a property managed by them. An experiment will run from 8 June where initially only UberBLACK vehicles will have access to the new Parking, and if this works it will be offered to UberX after 1 month
  • Erkhuleni Municipality – Erkhuleni Municipality have made the request that no more than 5 vehicles be parked in proximity to each other in any area, as this then becomes an apparent “Rank” and creates a risk for existing operators in the area.


Where to wait and virtual queueing: First in First out (FIFO)

The map below shows the waiting areas for the Airport in Green. Anywhere in this area you will be able to get Pick-Up requests for the Airport. While as yet we don’t have a dedicated parking area for Uber Partners, there is plenty of free parking within this area.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 19.41.36

How it works?

When entering into this area, you will automatically be placed in line for the next airport pick-up request. The line is first-in first-out. This means the person waiting in the area the longest will receive the next pickup request. Your location in the area will not affect this.

If you need to go offline or leave the area, please be aware that you will lose your spot in line. To be fair for all Partner-Drivers, if you come back online or drive back into the waiting area you will be placed at the back of the line.

If a rider cancels a trip, you will still remain in your spot in the queue. We are also working on providing a queue number in-app however this is still being customised.



With the new queueing method you no longer need to worry about parking and paying on the Airport property, rather opting for free parking areas.

However, UBER has had discussions with Southern Sun and now have access to the parking alongside the hotel. See image below. From 8 June, only UberBLACK and VAN drivers will be able to utilise this land. If this test is successful, we are hopeful to open it up to UberX as well.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 13.31.34

To utilise this, enter the property at the Southern Sun entrance and turn left, at the boom you will flash your UBER device where after you will go through to the next security spot and be let into the property. On exit you will need to get your card signed by security.

There will be 2 security guards on site who will manage the area. If any unprofessional behaviour is observed this will be reported directly to the UBER office.


We are excited about these recent developments and we will continue to update you on updates relating to this.

We value our partnership with you and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Please email: partnersjoburg@uber.com.


Thank you,



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