Uber JHB/PTA Vehicle Requirements, Approval, Driver Interviews and Moving Drivers

In a continued effort to improve the vehicle requirements, inspection and the driver sign-up process, please adhere to the following steps:



Vehicle Onboarding Update


Note: Due to increased interest from new & existing Uber partners wanting to add vehicles to the Uber platform,  Uber Johannesburg and Pretoria will be implementing a vehicle on-boarding waiting list for uberX, Van and BLACK in order to effectively balance demand and supply. If you want to add one or more vehicles to your fleet in the next 6 months, please ensure you complete the below survey:



  • If your vehicle is not yet active, please add it to the register by responding to the survey.
  • If you have not purchased a vehicle(s), please also respond to this survey in order to reserve your place in the vehicle waiting list queue.
  • All vehicles coming onto the Uber platform over the next months will be on-boarded from the vehicle waiting list queue.
  • Please do not buy any vehicle prior to receiving confirmation from the Uber Team that your vehicle will be activated.

Once your vehicle is active you can book your driver for driver interviews and background checks at http://t.uber.com/Jo’burgForm.



Vehicle Requirements


Please note the following updates to all vehicle requirements.

Vehicle Class Status Vehicle Age Vehicle Width Vehicle Options
UberBLACK Waiting List 2012 or Newer 1700mm Audi, BMW or Mercedes Sedan
UberX Waiting List 2012 or Newer 1700mm Toyota Corolla/Quest, Hyundai Accent/Elantra, Kia Rio/Cerato, Honda Ballade, Nissan Almera
UberVAN Open 2012 or Newer 1700mm Hyundai H1, VW T5 or Mercedes Vito


UberX Note: We cannot accept Etios/Ikon/Vivo/Aveo vehicle applications.

Vehicle life expectations: We hope each vehicle will have a minimum life of 1-2 years on the platform. Based on current experience, a vehicle generally becomes unfit in year 4 or 5, e.g. a 2012 vehicle will have until 2016 or 2017 to operate, dependent on vehicle quality and rider experience.

If your vehicle is not on the above list above, please email us to enquire.

For all Operating License applications see: t.uber.com/jhb_oplicense.



Vehicle Inspections


Uber have partnered with DEKRA and McCarthy to ensure that you can now have your Vehicle inspected any day of the week, at your convenience. From 1 June, all vehicle inspections will be completed at the below venues, whereafter you will receive an “Uber Vehicle Inspection” report which you will be required to upload to your Uber profile at partners.uber.com.

Company Website Contact Number Cost
McCarthy http://uber.callacar.co.za 0860 22 33 53 R89 (Incl VAT)
DEKRA http://www.dekraauto.co.za/branch/gauteng 011 781 0366 R171 (Incl VAT)


Driver Marketplace


If you don’t have a driver, visit: t.uber.com/jhb_drivers.


We understand that this list is high in demand so we have negotiated some competitive deals on behalf of partners with various recruitment agencies who have a thorough understanding of the requirements for those drivers who drive on the Uber platform. Please see below:

Leyjoe Consulting – Please call 0834894412 or email leyjoeconsultancy@gmail.com for more information
– Placement fee of R500/driver
– 100 trip guarantee (if your driver falls below the required ratings threshold as set by Uber, Leyjoe will replace this driver free of charge)

RPS HR Solutions – Please call 012 342 77 22 or email moshupi@shoops.co.za for more information
– Placement fee of R750/driver
– 100 trip guarantee (if your driver leaves before completing 100 trips or falls below the required ratings threshold as set by Uber, RPS will replace this driver free of charge)

Giraffe – Please go to http://www.giraffe.co.za/uber
– This is a free recruitment application that assists in connecting partners with drivers. Simply inout your requirements and let Giraffe help you set up interviews with drivers.
– Please note that this is a free service and comes with no guarantees on driver quality, it simply connects Partners to Drivers but it will remain the responsibility of the Partner to interview and assess the driver’s capabilities

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist with.


Driver Interviews


To book an appointment for your Uber driver interview and criminal background check, please adhere to the following steps:

1. Create your and your driver profile at partners.uber.com

2. Make a booking for your driver at http://t.uber.com/Jo’burgForm.

3. Before the Driver attends the interview, held at UBERs offices, ensure they have sufficient street and city knowledge of JHB and PTA. See the following video for tips on this: http://youtu.be/c5WJAjFuhhQ”>https://youtu.be/c5WJAjFuhhQ

4. When attending the Interview and Background Check, ensure the driver brings their valid RSA PrDP, and is dressed professionally

5. If the Driver passes the Interview and has a clear criminal history they will be invited to the next training date, where after they and the vehicle will be activated if all vehicle documents have been approved.


We are aware of the delay in obtaining a Driver interview and background check date and will endeavor to assist where we can or where bookings are cancelled. Email the office with questions on this and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Moving Drivers and Driver Release Forms


If you are looking to hire an existing Uber Driver who is currently working for another Partner or is on their Profile, we request that professional processes are adhered to at all times. See the following guidelines below:

1. We firstly request for both parties to discuss the matter in person, face to face

– The nature of running a business and employing or contracting a driver for a service should be handled professionally and in accordance with SA labour law

– An Employment or Service Contract should always form the basis of hiring, managing employment conditions, remuneration and resignation periods

2. Where employment matters are unable to be resolved, the following guidelines may apply:

– Where possible, the driver must have a Driver Release Form signed: t.uber.com/jhb_release. This gives them permission to be removed from the profile immediately

– Where the Driver is unable to get this form signed, Uber will resort to the terms and conditions detailed on the Drivers employment/service contract that is loaded on the Drivers Profile.

– If there is no document, the driver should default to the “Basic Conditions of Employment Act – section 37,” and submit their resignation to the Employer in writing (SMS/Email/Written) providing 1-2 weeks resignation notice, dependent on their term of employment or contract.


Some guidelines based on the UBER Marketplace and experience to date:

– Based on the “Basic Conditions of Employment Act – section 37,” an employee is required to give 1 week notice if they have been working for 6 months or less, 2 weeks if working between 6 months and 1 year, and 4 weeks if working for over a year.

– UBER makes the request that all parties provide at least 2 weeks if they have worked for 1 month and longer, and 1 week if less than this, but will adhere to the “Basic Conditions of Emplyment Act” as a guide

– In the event that notice of resignation has been submitted, and no resignation terms were agreed to in a formally signed contract, UBER can only recognise the notice period specified before moving that driver to another profile.

– UBER will not recognise outstanding training, employment or other expenses, as  a means of not releasing a driver. Situations like these are civil matters that need to be addressed appropriately. Where expenses are incurred, formal recognition of those expenses are to be documented, signed, agreed upon, and added to the contracts loaded on the driver profile.

– In the event that a driver has not worked on an Employers profile for a period of 1 week, their “notice period” will begin from this point


Based on the above, Uber will move the drivers profile. However if the Employer contacts Uber within 7 days of the move, with proof of contract and consent, the Driver’s profile will be temporarily suspended until the situation is resolved


Please note that Ubers primary responsibility is to manage and grow the UBER Rider-Driver marketplace and our objective is not to manage employment issues – please ensure you exhaust all professional steps prior to employment decisions and offers.


As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Uber Gauteng



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