South Africa uberX Winter Price Promotion

In celebration of Uber’s 5th Birthday and UberX’s one year anniversary in South Africa, we are excited to announce a massive UberX winter promotion for the Month of June!


This UberX winter pricing promotion has been designed to unlock new Riders, increase the number of trips Riders are taking on the UBER platform, and ultimately provide Riders with the opportunity to experiment with “Ditching their Keys”, parking their vehicles, in favour of using UBER.


The UberX winter price promotion has three key parts:

  1. Reducing UberX prices country-wide to drive demand
  2. Provide driver partners with trip incentives to bolster profitability
  3. Determine the correct price for the product so that riders use Uber more everyday so that you can earn more money in the long term!


This pricing promotion will come into effect on Thursday 4 June, at 6am!


Before you get concerned about losing money because of lower prices, Uber will be providing incentives to ensure that this does not impact on your profitability! !


All over the world, lower prices have increased partner profits through increased riders, trips and bookings –  even after accounting for the additional fuel, maintenance and other on road costs. Please see an example from Chicago below:


uber_PriceCuts_BlogInfographic-01-1024x7441-1024x744 (1)


Uber’s success is derived from the success of its partners. This price change has been carefully considered by the Uber team, taking into consideration the recent fuel price hike, and it will help the business grow in Durban, not only during the month of June, but well into the future as the rider base will expand!


The winter price promotion will not only result in business growth during the month of June, but sustainable growth well into the future as the rider base will expand and riders make use of Uber more often!


Carry on reading for more information on:

  • Revised UberX Pricing for June 2015
  • Incentives for June 2015
  • What this means for you


What is the price change?



Old UberX Pricing New UberX Pricing
Minimum Fare R20 R20
Per KM R7.00 / km R6.00 / km
Per Minute R0.70 / min R0.60 / min
Cancellation Fee R17.50 R17.50


The result of this change is that the average UberX fare will be 15% lower.


Incentives for June 2015


THE GOAL: Boost hourly earnings by increasing the number of trips you can do each hour and reduce idle time.

uber_PriceCuts_BlogInfographic-01-1024x7441-1024x744 (1)


One of the key reasons we have made this price change is to increase partner earnings. We are so confident that we can achieve this goal together that Uber will be offering weekly trip incentives to bolster partner profitability!


For the first week of the winter promotion, a R10 per trip incentive will apply to a driver’s first 40 completed uberX trips. This translates to a potential R400 in weekly per driver incentives.


Note: This pricing promotion will come into effect on Thursday 4 June, at 6am, and trip incentives will be calculated from this time until Monday 4am. Trip incentives will be adjusted on a weekly basis and communicated on Monday mornings.


If your are a Partner-Driver that does not work throughout the week, not to worry, you will receive R10 per trip, regardless.See an example below:


Weekly Trips 10 20 30 40 > 50
Total Incentive R100 R200 R300 R400 R400


The result of this promotional change is that we expect your average trips over the week to increase whilst maintaining the same number of hours online.



What does this mean for you?


This is a great opportunity for Uber partners as it will make demand more consistent throughout the week, giving you more flexibility to drive when and where you want.

Some details on price promotions from Uber Cities globally:

  • Demand will increase, so partners will complete more trips and earn more per hour
  • Busy times will be even busier – expect less waiting time between trips on Weekday Mornings, and Friday and Saturday nights
  • Times that used to be quiet will be busier – expect weekdays  to start looking more like weekends
  • The price change will make Uber accessible to more users, bringing more opportunities to earn and more flexibility for partners
  • All over the world, pricing changes have been shown to increase partner earnings – even after including additional fuel, maintenance and other on road costs



As well as benefiting partners, these changes will help the business grow and bring us closer to our vision of providing safe, reliable and affordable transportation to everyone.


As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Uber Durban


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