So What Has Happened After The Price Cut?


All over the world, pricing changes have been shown to increase partner earnings – even after including additional fuel, maintenance and other on road costs. Almost 2 weeks ago we announced a 15% reduction in fares on Uber X and we wanted to share with you what’s happened since then.

What have we seen so far?

MEL Price Cut 2 Week Results (No Numbers)

Demand has increased significantly, Partners are completing more trips and average hourly bookings have jumped by more than 4% meaning that you make more every time you go online. As expected, busy times got even busier which means less waiting time between jobs.


What do we expect to see in the coming weeks?

Based on what we’ve seen in Perth, this is only the start of the growth! Over the next 4 weeks we expect to see an similar increase in Driver Average Hourly Bookings as Trips Per Hour continue to increase and more riders take more trips on uber X.

Perth Booking and Trips - 6 weeks post price cut

We’ll let you know how it looks again in 4 weeks time.


How to Maximise Your Fares

Uber incentivises you to head out when demand is highest so check out our incentives blog to see what we guarantee.

When Do Trips Happen In Melbourne

Average trips per hour has increased 15% over the last 2 weeks and this means that 90% of Partners met the 1.5tph requirement. If you were still having problems then you need to look at where you are trying to get trips. Have a read of this blog to see where to position yourself to maximise your fares.


As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.



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