#WhyIUber: 10 Riders, 10 Stories

Every single day, we all have things to do, people to meet, and places to be. We’ve journeyed with you to schools, meetings, family playdates, and everything else in between. No matter who you are and where you need to go, we’ve always loved helping you get from Point A to Point B. (Sometimes even other drop-off stops in between!)

To celebrate the riders in our city, we’re giving away $300 Uber credits to 10 riders who share why they Uber through Instagram entries. So far, we’ve received amazing entries – From a self-composed song to a cute doodle and a selfie with a driver, a big thank you for all your wonderful stories. As promised, here’s our 10 winners who will receive their month’s worth of free Uber rides!

“…Uber to my rescue!” (a flip book doodle) – @daminiroy

“U is for the unbelievable price. B is for the best comfortable ride. E is for everybody’s favourite transportation, and R is for really steady, with an instant gratification.” (a lovely song she sings) – @jeankyaw

“…With Uber, my mummy can bring us everywhere in the fastest and most comfortable way so we have more time to play.” -@c_serie (proud mum of two cute girls)

“This is my Uber driver, Ho Yong! He’s an awesome, safe and thoughtful driver. I uber around town because of such drivers. Thank you Uber for making travelling much more convenient. I get home earlier and get to spend more time with my family.” -@mielbunny

“…We especially love that we could leave a remark on the app when we make a booking that we have a “medium dog on leash” so that only dog-friendly drivers will pick us. Thank you @uber_sing for making our life so much easier!” -@kookysheltie

“I definitely need Uber after I finish all these to go back home safely.” -@samt521

“…Uber helps me make it to my patients in the mornings and brings me back home in time to catch sunsets like these.” -@psykonaut07

“Such a nice gesture by this Uber driver. There really were mineral bottles, mentos and Dettol wipes provided! Why, thankkk you sir. Plus he’s damn polite.” -@polkahearts_

“True storyboard of my life: when you’re late for a date (or uni group meetings or anything remotely important in life) and you reach the MRT station and just missed your train, and then you try the queue but it’s too snakey; what do you do when you’re so incredibly pressed for time…I uber!” -@glimmerglow

“Cos we can have mini concerts and belt out to our favourite songs in our UberXL – surround sound some more!” -@gigglesandjiggles

Thank you to everyone for giving us a peek into how we make a small difference into your everyday, how we give you back time, and how we move you around this city that we love. We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.

Keep on riding, Singapore.

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