UberEVENTS is an option that allows event organisers and party planners alike to purchase rides for guests, and only pay for what they use. UberEVENTS is now in Singapore! We’ll be bringing the magic of Uber to your events this Holiday season.

What is UberEVENTS?
UberEVENTS allows individuals, event organisers and party planners alike to bulk purchase unique promo codes and only pay for what they use. These promo codes can have specific date and time parameters.

Can I cancel or change event details after purchase?
Before you complete the promo codes purchasing process, we’ll confirm your order with specific details. Once your order is completed, there is no way to update the details of your event.

How do I deal with unauthorised usage of promo codes?
Because your promo codes are used like cash for rides, you are responsible for all transactions associated with your promo codes, including unauthorised transactions. If you feel like your promo codes have been used fraudulently, please immediately contact business-support@uber.com.

What happens if rides on promo codes exceed the maximum amount I’ve set per ride?
Guests will pay for any charges with their default payment option that exceed the value of the promo codes that you’ve purchased. Guests can update that payment option during their request. You’ll never pay for anything in excess of what you’ve set as the max $ amount per ride.

What happens to unused promo codes or rides that are less than the maximum amount I’ve set per ride?
After your event ends, you will be charged for only the amount that your guest used. Any unused promo codes or any amount not used on a specific promo code will not be charged.

What happens if my guests don’t have an Uber account?
No problem! Your guests can sign up for Uber at https://get.uber.com/ or download the app via App Store or Google Play and sign up in-app.

What happens if my guests have issues activating/using my promo code?
Please reply to your receipt. Our support teams will take a look and help in whatever way possible.

How do riders activate their/my promo code?
Open up the Uber app, and tap the icon in the top left corner, then select “Promotions.” If they are on the new app, they can go into “Payment” and enter your promo code.

When does the promo code apply?
Your promo code will only be available during the time specified by the Event Organiser and displayed after activation of your promo code. For more information on applied promo codes, visit riders.uber.com.

Can I book UberEVENTS purchases with my Uber for Business account?
You can use a corporate card to purchase UberEVENTS, however, you cannot make purchases directly through the Uber for Business platform. If you wish to use your corporate card, you can upload it to your account at riders.uber.com.

How do I estimate the cost of rides from my event venue location?
Fare estimates are available at uber.com/fare-estimate.

Do I have to set an address for my event?
If you create an event with one code all guests can use, the location is required. If you create an event with multiple codes the event address is optional.

Can I set multiple addresses for my event?
You cannot set multiple addresses for an event with the current product. You can purchase separate orders per event address or select an individual code for each guest – which does not require an event location to be uploaded.

Can my guests be picked up or dropped off more than 400 meters from my event location?
Guests must be picked up or dropped off within 400m of your event location and currently, we cannot expand past the 400m radius. Selecting individual codes for each guest does not require an event location.

I’d like to customise my code name. How can I do that?
Codes are automatically generated if your guest count is under 250. You can certainly customise your code name if your guest count is 250 and above.

Can I buy codes for my event happening next year?
Currently, you can purchase promo codes for your event that is happening within the next 180 days (6 months).

How do I report issues?
Email us at business-support@uber.com

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