UberEATS: Serangoon Has a New Spoon

Singapore, you have spoken, and we have heard you!  

On September 1, UberEATS will be available in one of Singapore’s favourite foodie neighbourhoods – Serangoon.  

With the launch of Serangoon, UberEATS has grown its coverage area by 5 times in just 3 months since its launch in the city. Other areas that have opened since UberEATS launch are Bukit Timah, Novena and Katong.

Image by Google Map Data

UberEATS Singapore Coverage Area September 1, 2016 | Image by Google Map Data

Celebrating Serangoon

We chose Serangoon as our next expansion area when we surveyed the population and found out how hungry they were for food delivery services! Serangoon also has a reputation as a foodie haven of homegrown brands and local favourites – which are now available at the touch of a button!

We are excited to empower a neighbourhood of small business entrepreneurs, including well-loved partners like:

  • Wimbly Lu & Little Wimbly Lu
  • Lad & Dad
  • Bee Kee Truffle Wanton Mee
  • Sunday Market
  • Arbite
  • Truly Test Kitchen
  • Ciel Patisserie
  • Lola’s Cafe
  • Udders
  • Lau Wang Claypot Rice

“UberEATS lets Arbite serve our loyal customers right at their doorstep. They are now a few clicks away from wholesome, quality food. #jiakbaba”, says Chef and Owner Marc Wee, of Arbite.

UberEATS is a partner for restaurants

Many restaurants have seen the benefit of partnering with UberEATS.

Japanese restaurant chain Teppei Syokudo reported a 20% increase in sales and increased customer awareness from partnering with UberEATS. According to Spencer Tan, Marketing Manager for Teppei Syokudo, “UberEATS has allowed us to reach new customers that we have never served before, thanks to the wonderful support from the UberEATS team.”

Bahar Riand Passa, Managing Director of Ayam Penyet President, concurs, “In only the second month since launch, UberEATS has already grown to become the highest order generator among all our delivery platforms. We’ve had to hire an additional staff member to cope with the additional volume. It’s clear that UberEATS is access to the strong demand.”

UberEATS brings convenient access to the best brands for foodies like you!

With UberEATS, customers can enjoy meals that are available through delivery-only concepts such as Blue Label Burgers By Luke’s and B-Bar, by Michelin-starred Bacchanalia. Not getting a seat at the restaurant is also no longer a problem; order in from Michelin-starred teams like Candlenut, Song of India and Bacchanalia!

“We are excited to join the Serangoon community! With the launch of Serangoon, UberEATS has grown its coverage area by 5 times in just 3 months since its launch in Singapore. Today, Singaporeans are enjoying meals from homegrown brands and local favourites; from delivery-only concepts; and even from Michelin-starred teams – conveniently at the push of a button. Restaurants are also seeing real growth and business returns partnering with UberEATS. We’re building on all this momentum and bring the joy of UberEATS to more communities in Singapore.” – Evan Graj, GM UberEATS Singapore

We are excited to join the Serangoon community and your conversation about food and how we can improve our service here and island-wide. Express your thoughts on UberEATS and this neighbourhood on social media with the tags #UberEATS and #SerangoonEATS.

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