The 5 People You Meet on $5 #POOLFridays


When you request an uberPOOL ride, chances are you’re just looking for an affordable way to get from point A to point B. But life is full of surprises…especially when you uberPOOL. By the time you reach your destination, you could have made new friends, networked with your future colleague or learnt something new about other cities and cultures.

As you enjoy your $5 POOL rides with promo POOLAUG12 tomorrow, August 12 between 7am to 7pm, take the opportunity to know more your fellow POOL-ers. We’ve put together some riders that you might have or could meet along the way: (8)

Meet The Corporate Guy

If you work around the CBD, you might end up sharing a ride with someone from your neighbourhood heading in the same direction during morning peak hours. You can identify them by their business attire, frantically replying emails on their iPhone, taking a quick snooze, or trying to network from the backseat.

Start a conversation: Turn your ride into a casual business opportunity. You never know where they’re from and they could potentially help you seal the next deal at work!

“I once met someone who was working at one of the global payments company. After chatting, it seemed there were possibilities to work together for an upcoming campaign and ended up exchanging contacts. Who knew you could meet potential work partners on a POOL trip? I wonder if I can expense that ride as a business meeting.” – Brian (7)

Meet The Girlfriends

You could share a ride with close girlfriends heading for brunch or drinks. You’re most likely to overhear them updating each other about work, relationships, the best shopping deals in town, or where they’ve travelled to since they last met.

Start a conversation: A lighthearted chat could lead to you being updated on what’s hip and current, or even making new friends through a shared ride!

“After having a good conversation with my POOL mate, we decided to add each other on Facebook and I was surprised to see we had 10 mutual friends! Indeed the saying is true, “Singapore is such a small world.”” – Alicia (6)

Meet The Fitness Junkie

You’ll probably find them all decked out in their workout gear ready to hit to their gym in the morning, right after work, or sometimes even during their lunch break.

Start a conversation: You never know what interesting fitness or health tips they could share with you, or vice versa. In fact, they could even be a personal trainer who can help you get the most out of your workout.

“My POOL mate was a fitness instructor in one of the gym chains and as we were talking about health and fitness, he gave me some detailed tips and routines he uses to train some of his clients. Talk about free consultation!” – Nic (5)
Meet The Tourists

It’s always fun meeting people from abroad as they’ve so much excitement exploring Singapore. You’ll find them snapping away, eager to capture our city’s sights or discussing which spot they should visit next.

Start a conversation: Because sharing your favourite local spot with tourists and seeing their faces light up is pure satisfaction. It may even be reciprocated when they share their favourite places back home that you could add to your own travel plans. 

“I once met a guy on my ride who was from Peru. In that short 20 mins ride, I recommended some of my favourite restaurants that he should definitely try out, and even picked up a couple of fun facts I never knew about his country! Peru is now on my travel list.” – Melissa (3)

Meet The Partygoers

When night hits, it’s time to head out! You might end up sharing a ride with other partygoers on their way for dinner, drinks or dancing.

Start a conversation: A conversation with these riders could help you find a new bar in town! With so many new restaurants, pubs and clubs popping up every month, it’s always good to get as many recommendations as you can.

I met two guys during my ride who were headed to a bar somewhere along Boat Quay. I’ve never heard of this place before but they said it had the best oysters (and view) in town! Thanks to them, I brought my date there, and she loved it!” – Jon

What’s a fun fact you learned about your POOL mate today? Tell us by tagging @uber_SING (Twitter and Facebook) and you could win $50 Uber credits!

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