Art on the Move: Vote for Your Favourite Art Piece

In celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, we’re partnering with Art Loft Asia to bring local art to the streets – literally! From July 1st through August 14th, we’re featuring 5 handpicked, limited-edition art pieces from homegrown Singaporean artists on 50 uberX partner driver vehicles. Best of all, your vote determines which art pieces we feature!

How to vote:

  1. Log in to your Uber app
  2. Enter the promo code associated with your favourite art piece

Voting ends on Sunday, June 7th at 11:59PM, so get started now! After tallying the votes, we’ll sticker the 5 winningest art pieces on our uberX partner driver vehicles!

Benny Goerlach


Cardboard Auntie (promo code: ARTCARDBOARD)

Benny’s works often bring out certain societal issues and concerns. The purpose of “Cardboard Auntie” is to raise awareness of the situations of these elderly people in Singapore and to make people more considerate when they are around them.


Confessions of a confectionary cult

Confessions of a Confectionary Cult (promo code: ARTCONFESSIONS)

Ee Shaun’s drawings and paintings explore spontaneous and open-ended narratives that express the subconscious mind – a reaction to the systematic planning, regularity and austerity of Singapore. Often unplanned, his abstract, non-conceptual artworks are an experiential and experimental process; fraught with uncertainty and opportunity, and riddled with control and joyful abandonment, as he juxtaposes shapes, lines and planes into a complex, grid-like web of harmonious colours and playful forms filled with humour, objects and characters.

Ernest Goh

Ernest Goh_Pattern_Green Chafer Beetle_Anomala albopilosa 1

The Gift Book #2 (promo code: ARTGIFTBOOK)

One origin of the practice of gift-wrapping can be traced back to Furoshiki, a reusable wrapping cloth used to transport clothes, gifts and other goods during the Edo period in Japan. The ritual of gift-wrapping we know today has a completely different intention. Perhaps it is the look of surprise we hope to see when the recipient tears open the wrapper, or the air of mystery and desire that is created when we are given an unknown object.

In 1992, Professor Daniel Howard from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, USA published a study on the effects and motivations of gift-wrapping. He wrote, “gift wrapping, through repeated pairing with joyous events in people’s lives, has utility in cueing a happy mood which, in turn, positively biases attitudes”. This confirmed his hypothesis that a gift-wrapped item makes the recipient more favourable towards owning a gift.

Our natural environment is both the giver and the gift. But we, the recipients, have to appreciate and conserve it so that it can continue to give us the crucial resources we need to live. To celebrate this fact, here are a few gift-wrapping paper designs created with various elements from our natural environment. They include insects, butterfly chrysalises and flowers – specimens that either flew into Ernest’s home, or that he found in his garden or collected in and around Singapore. They say that to give is to receive, so he hopes these gift-wrappers will positively bias you and your intended recipient’s attitudes towards our natural world.

Jonathan Leong


The Kindness Crusader (promo code: ARTKINDNESS)

Jonathan’s “The Kindness Crusader” is inspired by the various courtesy campaigns that have take place in Singapore since the 1980s. 
It is a pop art remix of Singaporean nostalgia and a tongue in cheek reminder for all of us to work hard and be nice to people, especially during our daily commute or on the road.

KY Huang


Amazing Singapore (promo code: ARTAMAZING)

Amazing Singapore – It’s a pun on the word “amazing” as the audience has to negotiate a maze to get to Singapore. It’s also designed along the red paper cut celebration theme. Looking at the painting carefully, one can see a slight shadow.

Leo Liu

Leo Liu_狮头鱼尾

An Exciting Singapore (promo code: ARTEXCITING)

Leo uses the Merlion as the core of this artwork, highlighting Singapore’s national symbol. He includes various sizes and colours of clouds to decorate the Merlion, representing the advancement Singapore has made in the last 50 years. He views Singapore as modern, colourful, dynamic and exciting, with an open and embracing culture that has let people all over the world be a part of our beautiful country.

Shin Young Park

Heritage Remix #08

Heritage Remix #8 (promo code: ARTHERITAGE)

To Shin Young, the most unique and fascinating aspects of Singapore are its multi-cultural and eclectic society: diverse but not divided, busy yet orderly, where the best of both Eastern and Western worlds coexist. Through her prints, she wants to capture these aspects of Singapore in tangling overlaid images which represent diverse ethnicity, culture, and custom, as well as the dynamic and busy lifestyle, over-crowdedness, and the equatorial climate of Singapore.

Sukeshi Sondhi

Can Lah Shophouses

Can Lah Shophouses (promo code: ARTCANLAH)

The Lah Series is inspired by the endearingly quirky Singlish. To Sukeshi, the term “Lah”, which is essentially devoid of any real meaning, is inherently expressive, and quintessentially Singaporean.

William Chua “Xiao Bao”


The Lion City (promo code: ARTTHELION)

Singapore, also known as the lion city. This design is specially dedicated to our “fine” city.

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