Food and Travel: 7 Must-Try Coffee Around the World

Gone are the days of a classic brew – coffee has become a way of life rather than just the morning pick-me-up. We love our coffee just like you do, so we put together a list of trending and interesting coffee creations from all over the world. Prepare your taste buds and get your bucket list ready. Some of these even reside in Singapore – you can easily Uber your way down for your next caffeine boost!

Just the essentials ☕️

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1. Rainbow Coffee

Melbourne baristas have taken coffee art to the next level, with what’s got to be the biggest coffee fad of 2016! We’ve seen rainbow cakes, rainbow crêpes and now, rainbow coffee! Turns out, this ‘rainbow coffee’ isn’t really coffee but a healthy alternative made out of turmeric, beetroot and matcha instead.

In Singapore? Not yet! We’ll be sure to let you know when it does.

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2. Latte Foam Art

A list of coffee creativity will definitely not miss out these foam art beauties. Foam art has become such a signature and these adorable designs have certainly transform coffee into a work of art. This Instagram must-have drink can also be found in Singapore.

In Singapore? Indeed! Uber over to Chock full of beans, 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090 S500004

3. Coffee Float

Think root beer float without the gas. It consists of cold-brewed iced coffee, topped off with delicious ice cream. Imagine a different flavour with every sip, as the ice cream gradually melts away and mixes with the coffee. Whoever came up with the idea to marry coffee and ice cream is our hero!

In Singapore? Sorta! Try adding some top-grade Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream into your cold-brewed coffee.

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4. Avocado Coffee

You read it right, it’s avocado with coffee. Talk about adding some serious nutrition to your daily caffeine boost! At AEIOU Singapore, your beverage is served in a recycled Vodka bottle. The sweetness of the avocado complements the bitterness in the coffee. 

In Singapore? Yes! Request a ride to, 111 King George’s Avenue, S208559

5. The Tim Tam Slam

The Tim Tam Slam is actually an Australian ritual that we can get behind. First you bite both ends of the Tim Tam, using the chocolatey biscuit as a straw to let the coffee travel through. Once you’ve got the coffee in your mouth, pop in the entire biscuit and savour all that goodness.

In Singapore? Aye! Uber to the nearest supermarkets to buy a box.

6. Nitrogen Infused Coffee

How does a coffee tab sound instead of a bar tab? Originating from Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, USA, food scientist Nate Armbrust decided he wanted to infuse tiny bubbles into cold brew coffee. It took him a couple of months to create this, but rumour has it that the coffee is richer and creamier in taste and texture!

In Singapore? Not yet, but if you know anyone bringing it over, let us know. We’ll be first in line.

7. Gula Melaka Kopi

Nothing says local like kopi with a twist. Replacing regular sugar with Gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar) gives our homegrown favourite an interesting flavour. Typically served ice-cold, this is definitely for those with a sweet tooth.

In Singapore? Yes! A handful of places serve this but we recommend any one of the four Old Tea Huts scattered around the CBD.

We want to hear what other creative coffees you want to see in Singapore and better yet, share your coffee go-to spots in Singapore on Twitter or Instagram. Tag @Uber_SING and you might win $50 credits to head to your next coffee jaunt.
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