3 Years in Singapore; and the ride ahead!

Three years ago, we launched Uber in Singapore with a vision to create the convenient, reliable and safe transportation option that the Lion City deserves. It started with a simple idea that is at the core of what we do: push a button and get a ride!

Singapore’s residents have always been forward-thinking, inclusive and quick to embrace new ideas and disruptive technology. But the pace of adoption in the Red Dot has been truly remarkable.

From providing riders with more choices and creating micro-entrepreneurship opportunities for thousands of individuals, we are also empowering countless small businesses and individuals from all walks of life. From delivering ice creams to haze masks, lion dances during Chinese New Year to rides in supercars – it’s been a thrill and we’re excited to share every ride with you.

As we cross the three year milestone, we wanted to reflect on our magical journey in Singapore, so we crunched the numbers. The results? Well they’re fascinating. Just see for yourselves.


Riders in Singapore have come to rely on Uber getting them where they need to go, far beyond the reach of public transit!


Singapore is plagued almost daily by peak hour congestion. This poses and continues to be a challenge in achieving the high reliability and low ETAs we aim to deliver. We’ve invested heavily in real-time data analytics, resources to map demand, grow supply and deploy advanced tech solutions to ensure a reliable ride is always just minutes away, no matter what.


Average ETA across Singapore was down to 3.6 minutes as of February 2016


It’s important to share the magnitude of our partner-driver’s commitment and ambition. Three years in, we’ve created flexible working opportunities for tens of thousands of Singaporeans and PRs. Today, these thousands of driver-partners on the platform are carving out better, more secure futures for their families, to make the pivotal switch from a salaried worker to a financially independent entrepreneur.


‘I’m 68 years old. Where else can I get an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to society and make a stable income. My rider leaving my car with a smile provides great satisfaction to me’ – Jon, uberX partner

Over 90% of rides were rated a 5-star experience


Today, the number of driver-partners on the platform is more than double that a year ago, and yet drivers are taking home more money than ever before. How does this work out? As driver-partners are added to the system to meet rising demand, everyone benefits — reliability improves and drivers earn higher gross fares per hour. Today, drivers are spending more than half of their time on a trip — compared to only a quarter of their time 3 years ago — making hourly earnings higher than in previous years.


The convenience of Uber is of course not rider-specific. Most people who drive on the platform choose to because of the convenience and flexibility. In a 2015 study, we found that 45% of Singapore driver-partners choose to work 10 hours/week or less. The ability to simply push a button and start making money on your own time is priceless — and now that uberX driver-partners are earning more per hour, the flexible opportunity is more valuable than ever.

We couldn’t be more pumped for what the future holds – because we’re building it together and what matters most is what we do next. We couldn’t have done any of this with you. Thank you for joining us on our journey so far and we look forward to sharing the ride ahead.

Uber On.

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