uberVENUES: Ride Requesting Made Easy

We always like to make sure you get an effortless travel experience with us. That’s why we’re introducing uberVENUES so you enjoy the convenience of a designated pick-up point to ensure your driver knows exactly where to meet you when you request a ride.

Ride and get money back with Standard Chartered

Charge your Uber rides to your Standard Chartered Credit Cards and enjoy 20% cashback on rides globally from 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017. We’re giving you more reasons to ride.

Empowerment Has A Voice: App Features for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Partners

As we commemorate the International Week of the Deaf this year, we can’t think of a better time to introduce our app updates for deaf and hard-of-hearing partners! In a world where people with disabilities face more challenges in a world designed for the able-bodied, these features make it easier for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to earn a flexible income on their own terms.

Hit Your Gaming Goals

We’re teaming up with EA SPORTS and Xbox to kick off the launch of FIFA 17. Score a copy of the highly anticipated game via an Uber before it hits the shelves – FREE of charge.

Your Weekend Rides Just Got More Affordable

Use code POOLWEEKEND and enjoy a flat $3 off unlimited POOL rides this week! Valid from Thursday – Sunday, 7AM – 10PM.

uberPOOL: The Magic of Matching

Did you know that without technology, it would take us about 6,000 tries to match two random people who are heading in the same direction? Today, technology has allowed us to do that with uberPOOL within seconds at a tap of a button. How do we it? Here’s our secret.

Uber Riders and Driver-Partners Pool Together $10,000 For The President’s Challenge

Thank you, Uber Singapore riders and driver-partners, for going the extra mile for a good cause! You have helped raise S$10,000 for the President’s Challenge, which will go towards supporting various worthy causes in Singapore from eldercare, disability, rehabilitation, healthcare to uplifting the pioneer generation.

In Just 3 Months, uberPOOL has Impacted Singapore

Your choice to ride uberPOOL over the past 3 months has made a big difference to our city. Together with hundreds of thousands of riders, not only are we making rides more affordable, we’re turning Singapore into a greener, more eco-friendly city. Here’s how much we’ve impacted our city.

#POOLStories: The People We Meet

We’ve heard some interesting and unexpected POOL rides from riders like yourself earlier this month. That’s what makes uberPOOL so magical – from making new friends to re-connecting with old classmates, you’ll never know who you’ll meet on along the way.
Now, we’re presenting the second edition of #POOLStories.

Experience the Fast Lane this F1 Weekend

The most iconic weekend of the city is here and we want this to be your most unforgettable F1 weekend yet. We’re letting you experience the fast-paced high life – from driving a supercar on demand to VIP access to the hottest A-List parties.