Helping Drivers Reach Their Destinations

We consistently look for new ways to enhance our app to better serve the needs of driver-partners. Starting today, we’re excited to launch a new feature – Driver Destinations – that allow them to tell Uber where they’re heading so we can find trips on their way.

This Earth Day in Singapore

From paperless receipts, to increasing the number of eco-friendly vehicle options, to encouraging people to leave their cars at home, Earth Day for us isn’t just one day in April. We’re always looking to find new ways to make Uber even greener and make Mother Nature smile.

Uber & Insurance – Setting the record straight for riders and drivers

This week there has been a lot of discussion around safety, and specifically the insurance policies and practices of Uber in Singapore. We want to set the record straight because we don’t want riders or driver-partners to have concerns about what’s covered whether they’re behind the wheel or in the passenger seat.

Go Further For Less on uberX

uberX fares are now 15% cheaper. Read on to find out how far your dollar can take you.

Best of Both Worlds: Uber + Public Transit

We’ve teamed up with Citymapper, a transit app to create new multimodal routes you never knew existed, bringing you the advantages of both, wherever you’re heading.

Four Ways Uber Makes Life Easier With Cash

We have worked hard to create seamless payment options that is truly Uber to better serve the community. Today, we’re excited to launch CASH to Singapore.

Uber Destinations: Book a Table, Book a Ride

We’ve teamed up with Quandoo to recommend our top restaurant picks in town – Start making your reservation for the weekend!