Wheel in Good Fortune with On-Demand Lion Dances!

This Chinese New Year, we’re making an entrance! Not only are we ushering in the Lunar New Year with the highest lion dance performance in Asia at 1-Altitude, we’re wheeling in good fortune right to your doorstep by getting you a personal lion dance performance with a tap of a button.

Huat Ah!

The Great Decathlon Giveaway

Decathlon is opening its flagship store in South East Asia this Saturday — 35,000 square feet of sporting goodness under one roof! We’re excited to partner together, to bring you the chance to win some brand new merchandise in The Great Decathlon Giveaway. Have your eyes on that new skateboard, pilates gear or folding scooter? Request […]

Keeping You Safe

Every day, tens of thousands of Singaporeans use Uber to get from A to B; wherever they are going in a city, night and day, whether they’re travelling alone or with friends. And while no means of transportation can ever be 100% safe—accidents and incidents will happen—our technology makes it possible to focus on safety in ways that have never been possible before.