Get your pre-launch Xiaomi Mi Note, On Demand!

On Monday, July 27, simply request a Mi Note through the app, and watch us deliver your new phone to your doorstep IN MINUTES!

Here’s the scoop: #UberIceCream is back

Singapore, we’re making #UberIceCream deliveries to you this year across land, air and sea. Tap a button and get a brain freeze served up by drones, cars and runners!

Q&A with General Manager SE Asia Chan Park

From Launcher, to Head of Expansion for APAC Ex-China, to SE Asia General Manager Chan discusses his 2.5 year journey at Uber. What do you do at Uber and how long have you been with the company? I am a General Manager looking after markets in SE Asia. I’ve been at Uber for 2.5 years. […]