Show your #UberMom some love! Copy

This Mother’s Day, Uber NYC is bringing you a little something special to really spoil your mom. Tweet #UberMom and mention @Uber_NYC and you could win $100 in Uber credit for your mom!

Here’s how it works:

  • Share pictures, plans or stories about your mom with #UberMom. Tell us what makes her Uber-special.
  • Tweet @Uber_NYC.
  • We will announce a winner on Friday at 5pm.
  • Make sure your mom has her Uber account ready – we’ll be dropping a $100 credit for her to enjoy an Uber Mother’s Day!

If you don’t win you can still make Mother’s Day Uber-special! Copy the image below and email it to your Mom for her first Uber ride on us this Mother’s Day.

Uber Mother's Day 2013

No matter where your mom lives, Uber is the perfect gift to help make your mom feel like the VIP we all know she is ; )

This is how our own NYC team is celebrating their #UberMom:

Jake and mom winning Dress & Dribble during a Knicks playoff game in '98

Jake and Mom winning Dress & Dribble during a Knicks playoff game in ’98


Jake, NYC CM:

“This year, I’m taking my mom to dinner in an Uber and then we’re watching the Survivor finale on TV. We’re both big fans.”




Jeanine and her mom chillin' in Miami

Jeanine and her mom chillin’ in Miami

Jeanine, NYC DOps:

“My mom lives in Miami which is really far and I miss her tons especially on Mother’s Day. She recently learned how to use Twitter and is always posting pictures on Facebook with celebrities in Miami! She is one cool mom and I can’t wait to take her out in an Uber when she visits NYC so she can feel like the true celebrity that she is!”



Uber elegant Josh and mom

Uber elegant Josh and Mom


Josh, NYC GM:

“This Mother’s Day I’ll be treating my mom to her first Uber SUV ride.”




Nicole sharing a great evening with her mom and sister

Nicole spending a great night with her mom and sister


Nicole, NYC Office Manager: 

“My mom is awesome and is always taking care of her girls (and boys–not pictured).  As a family, we love going shopping, out to dinners, or just relaxing at home.  I cannot wait to spend Mother’s Day weekend with her and treat her to her first Uber ride in NYC.”



Matts lovely mom

Matt’s lovely mom

Matt, NYC DOps:

“I don’t get to see my mom too often since she lives in Massachusetts and I live in NYC. We did get to celebrate Mother’s Day a few weeks early when Joyce was visiting the city. I had an Uber pick her up from her hotel and take us to dinner. It was her first Uber experience and she was thrilled! I wont be seeing her on Mother’s Day, but I see some flowers in her future…”


Baby Sasha shows her mom some love

Baby Sasha showing Mom some love


Sasha, NYC CM:

“My mom lives far away. For Mother’s Day, I take a little extra time to write a handwritten letter to thank her for everything she’s done (and still does) to make life better.”




Nicole and her mom share a happy moment.

Nicole and Mom sharing a happy moment


 Nicole, NYC CM:

“I love my mama very much and I’m so sad that I won’t be able to see her for Mother’s Day. She’ll be with my older sister in DC and I’m planning on surprising her with a special Mother’s Day/Birthday gift (her birthday is on the 15th) while she’s visiting DC!”



Kimiko's mom rooting for Kimiko back in the day

Mom rooting for Kimiko back in the day


Kimiko, NYC CM:

“My mom is back in California, and I don’t get to see her much. That, combined with the fact that I’m terrible about calling home (sorry, Mom!), makes me feel sad around Mother’s Day. Hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later to spend some QT, but until then I plan on making some nice Mother’s Day phone calls.”


Ed showing his mom around NYC

Ed showing his mom around NYC


Ed, NYC Senior CM:

 “We celebrated Mother’s Day last week in Minneapolis by singing the Beatles at a NYE’s Polonaise Piano Bar : ) Great spot!”




Don’t forget—tell us how you’ll be spending Mother’s Day with your #UberMom and you could win $100 in Uber credits for her!

From Uber NYC, Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful #UberMoms!

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