Go Green Week: 世界无车日与Uber一起低碳出行,本周半价uberX绿色行动

一直以来,Uber以科技倡导生活,希望为改善城市空气质量,减少城市交通压力,以及改变城市交通观念尽自己的一份力。而今天9月22日,正值庆祝“世界无车日”低碳环保概念,Uber上海联手各大油电混合动力车,本周推出“GREEN”环保行动!To support “World Car-Free Day” and celebrate going GREEN for the better, Uber Shanghai is pleased to bring you a one-day event “GREEN” by partnering with hybrid cars. Today, you’ll have an environmentally conscious vehicle choice via “GREEN” in the Uber app.

Getting around with an English Speaking Chauffeur in Shanghai

We all strive to build a stronger understanding of the local heartbeat, and Uber Shanghai really wants to help alleviate micro-pain points all over the city too. This week we’re thrilled to bring you a brand-new language-specific service, ENGLISH, to make it a bit easier for expats and global travelers to get around the city.