Uber + Caltrain: Moving The Bay Area Together

In the past five years, people all over the world have been using Uber to connect to the people and places they love. More and more we’ve seen how Uber has become an integral part of the transportation ecosystem and even complementing existing infrastructure in cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego.

Celebrating and Investing in the Central Valley Uber Community

As we clock in a year of service in the Central Valley, Uber is celebrating the hundreds of men and women who are proving thousands of safe, reliable rides here every single day.

Fueling Economic Growth, the Uber Community in Hayward

Last month, we announced a great milestone for the Bay Area: 20,000 Bay Area residents are actively partnering with Uber as a flexible economic opportunity. As the number of Bay Area residents partnering with us continues to grow, we remain committed to investing in their communities and helping them unlock that economic opportunity.