SF Weather May be Unpredictable, But Your Ride Home Shouldn’t Be

With Fall and Winter, (and in San Francisco, sometimes Spring and Summer) comes rain, wind and the cold. Showers are expected to begin tomorrow and last through the weekend, then pick back up again the following weekend. Riding Muni during rainy season is a crowded nightmare, parking is a lost cause, and taxis can be difficult to come by. Technology can help…

Some Legit Weather Apps

Here are a few weather applications (superior to the built in ‘Weather’ app on your iPhone) to keep you in the know so you can plan accordingly:

Uber: Request a car while you’re still in the office (or at home, paying the dinner bill…anywhere indoors). You’ll be alerted when your car arrives via text message. That way, you remain dry and warm rather than flailing your hands in the cold. Rain can throw off our game, so Uber helps simplify it. Rather than fumble for cash at the end of the ride, you pay through the app, so you can relax, enjoy your trip, gather your gear and get to shelter. Your transporting pocket umbrella.

Weather Bug: Gives you live weather updates, video, radar and current conditions.

Or you can checkout the upgraded, Weather Bug Elite! We love this app because of the intense map integrations and it should be quite obvious to you now that we love maps. Here’s a few key features:

  • Additional enhanced contour weather maps: NWS Alerts*, Lightning Strikes*, Humidity, Pressure, Wind Speed, Forecast Hi, Forecast Low and Satellite
  • Radar Animation*
  • Detailed alert maps with vector polygons and full NWS alert messages*
  • Locations summary page for checking weather conditions at a glance for all saved locations

iMap Weather: This one has a neat “Follow Me” feature that allows your location to automatically move as you do on the weather map. If you’re driving into a sunny patch, hurricane or storm, you’ll know.

Outside App: This is by far the most fun of the weather apps. The cartoony graphics and ability to personalize notifications (i.e. set specifications and then get alerts when you can wear your favorite t-shirt or when you need to up your sunscreen) make checking the weather slightly more enjoyable. TechCrunch claims, “Outside puts the iPhone weather app to shame!”

We’d love to hear: How does the rainy season affect your commute???