Secret Ubers arrive in Tokyo!

Today begins Uber’s testing phase in Tokyo!

And, who better to usher classy and efficient transportation into Japan but Rider Zero, Naoyuki Honda, President, Leverage Consulting K.K. and author of best selling business/lifestyle/work-style books such as “Less is More” and “Atarashii Hatarakikata- New Work-Style.” An avid Uber user in his second home of Honolulu, Honda-San has been waiting for Uber to come to Japan!

Tokyo soft launch - middle

Not one to back down from a race, minutes later, Yojiro Terada, or ‘Mr. LeMans’, a 24 LeMans racer (29 time starter and 3 time winner) opened his app today after hearing about Uber from friends in France and the U.S. In minutes, a sleek black sedan picked him up (no marathon driving required this time!) and he was on the way in his first Uber ride! He gone!


Remember though, these are Secret Ubers, so availability may be limited. Initial coverage will be concentrated around Roppongi, but we’ll be adding more cars all the time!

New to Uber? Download the Uber app from the App Store or Google Play and enter promo code ‘TryUberTokyo’ for ¥5,000 off your first ride before December 15th.

Check for more information on rates and coverage area and follow us on Twitter: @Uber_Tokyo.

Happy riding!

Uber Tokyo