Expanding Access To Ridesharing Benefits To All Of Washington

From Seattle to Spokane to Vancouver, tens of thousands of Washington residents have come to depend on ridesharing services like Uber. Over the past year, we have worked diligently with many local leaders to ensure that Uber has a permanent home in these cities. Now, we are working with state leaders to bring the benefits of ridesharing to all of Washington and to improve service in cities like Seattle and Tacoma.

Tell the City Council to save uberX!

Seattle, your City Council is voting at 2 p.m. to dismantle uberX. By restricting uberX to 150 cars, this law will deal a devastating blow to uberX by forcing a vast majority of the almost 1,000 active drivers off of the system. Once enforced, uberX will be instantly unusable for tens of thousands of riders. […]

City Council moving to shutdown hundreds of small businesses

PROPOSED CAPS WILL LIMIT OPPORTUNITY FOR DRIVERS Since the Seattle launch of uberX in April 2013, tens of thousands of Seattleites have embraced this new way of getting around the city and hundreds of drivers have found opportunity via the Uber system.  To riders uberX offers an affordable, green and efficient way of getting around […]