Uber Giveaway: Mother’s Day VIP Party

Two words: cocktails and chocolate. Need we say more?

Uber’s door is always open

We’ve confirmed that one Uber partner driver, the one pictured in various blog posts, was temporarily interrupted from providing service during Saturday’s protest.  While Uber supports community action and political movements that work towards a common goal, there is no place for violence or scare tactics used against hard working Seattlites in modern discourse.  Tens […]

The Uber Roving Record Store Is Here!

Tomorrow is the ultimate celebration of all things indie, Record Store Day, and we wanted to start celebrating a little early by bringing the record store to you!

First it was transportation freedom. Then it was movement. Now it’s a referendum.

Tens of thousands have voiced their support for ridesharing in Seattle. Today a coalition of ridesharing supporters announced that signatures for a referendum on Seattle’s restrictive ridesharing ordinance were submitted to the City of Seattle.  Seattle Citizens to Repeal Ordinance 124441 gathered more than 36,000 voter signatures in support of the referendum, twice the amount […]

Uber Giveaway: Hop Scotch Festival!

Sip on beer, scotch, whiskey and wine at the Hop Scotch Festival!

How YOU can save uberX! #SignToRide

Hello Seattle! As you might have heard, we are supporting a coalition that has launched a referendum to support uberX! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? Well, if the petitions that said coalition are circulating gather enough signatures, the referendum goes to the vote of the people of our awesome city! What you can do to help: We […]

Seattle to take The Emerald City back to Old-Timey Times

For decades Seattle has paved the way for innovation, technology and progress. We are excited to announce that 2014 marks the end of this journey, it is time to turn back the clocks!  Recent city decisions regarding uberX have shown that Seattle is really missing the good old days. A “reliable source” has leaked that […]