Guess what? Uber Seattle is hiring..that’s what!

You read that right, friends. Uber Seattle is hiring. Are you up to the challenge? Our team is super fun (like for real) but as much fun as it is to share Uber with Seattle is it hard work…fueled by Uber love. So you’re interested? Join me and Mike and together let’s get all of Seattle to […]

Pro Tip: How to request from Century Link

Whether you are the 12th Man, have your Scarves Up, or you are Raising the Woof, you’ll need to get home some how after cheering your team to victory. And of course, we know an app you can tap to assist you with your journey but we’d like to share some Pro Tips to make […]

Uber Giveaway: Crystal Castles Edition

The moment I learned about the fact that Crystal Castles were coming to Seattle I squealed with delight! This is going to be an awesome show, Seattle and we would like to give you the chance to win tickets and get to and from with ease! WHAT? I WANT TO WIN! What…what will I win!? 2 tickets […]

Uber Giveaway: Uber Weekend

The WEEKEND. The most favorite days of our week and they are about to get better! We want to give you the ultimate weekend, dear Uberites so we have teamed up with Theory Vodka Lounge and 95 Slide for the BEST WEEKEND YET. AN UBER WEEKEND? I shall paint you a picture!  $50 to Theory […]

How to Request an Uber at the Sea-Tac Airport

Welcome home! Now…how to get home. Here are some tips and tricks on how to request a trip at the Sea-Tac airport.