Half Priced Uber Rides in Seattle? Thank You Viaduct!

  As we all know the Viaduct has been the talk of the town for…well, what seems to be forever. And, now is the time when the WSDOT is starting the first phase of work on the deep bore tunnel. What does this mean for Seattle? The roads are going to be Viafuct. Reports are […]

Get to Know Your Seattle Uber Drivers!

  Uber is known for getting you from Point A to Point B with the greatest of ease, but did you know that we are more than just a pretty app? We are also the people who live, work, and play in your city. So, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to […]

Sup, Seattle? Have You Heard About Capitol Hill Tuesdays?

For those of you who unabashedly love Capitol Hill (and those of you who who are too cool to say it out loud) we’ve totally got a rad special for you. Just take a ride up The Hill in an Uber on Tuesdays and get 5 bucks off your ride. Why not Uber it up […]