Mogl + Uber SD: Eat Out & Uber On!

That’s right, Mogl is teaming up with your favorite private driver so you can Uber your way to some extra doe when you dine in San Diego!

Where the Surf Meets the Turf!

Get out your oversized race hats ladies and gents. We’re gearing up for six-weeks of racing season here at Uber San Diego and we’re planning to go ALL out in our usual Uber style!

San Diego #SuperUber Saves the Day!

Ubers will be swarming downtown San Diego for this year’s Comic-Con. If you’re making your way to or from the Convention Center, there will be an Uber nearby, ready to rescue you from the delays and dirty seats of…alternate forms of transportation. Here’s the deal, we’ve got several hero-like promotions happening this weekend in celebration of costumed superheroes and Hollywood celebs that are roaming our downtown streets.