Rotterdam, your Uber is arriving now!

You’ll never walk alone! In fact, you’ll never have to walk again. Today we’ve got the first Ubers on the road in Europe’s #1 port city! After the Uber app’s debut in the Dutch capital, there’s no way we could ignore the biggest trading city any longer.

Since the start of Uber in San Francisco in 2009, we’ve made it to 70+ cities in 25 countries across the globe. With the push of a button you can order a car with a private driver. Always. Everywhere. Cashless. Easy.

Lingerie designer, and winner of the Rotterdam Promoter Prize, Marlies Dekkers, had her Uber app open and managed to order the first Uber Rotterdam ride. We can’t imagine a better ambassador to start our engines in Rotterdam! Long-time favorite driver, Bart the Benz, was just revving up his Mercedes S Class and brought Marlies to Amsterdam quickly and in style. Rolling around the Randstad is now easier than ever!

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Your first free Uber ride in Rotterdam in 3 easy steps:

  • Tap the app! Download the Uber app for iPhone, Android or go to naar
  • Enter promo code ‘UbErasmus’! Get a free ride up to €20 in the Netherlands. When you order your Uber you can track exactly where you driver is and see him fly over the Erasmus Bridge. You’ll get a SMS when he’s nearly at your door.
  • Uber away! All payments are done through the app and no cash is needed. Just link your credit card or PayPal account and we’ll take care of the rest. We email you a receipt with an overview of your ride, straight after getting out of the car.


The first few weeks there’ll be limited availability: we’re not officially launched yet, but will be testing to improve the service. There’ll be fewer Ubers online than you may be used to in Amsterdam and ETAs will be slightly higher. We’re adding drivers to the platform on a daily basis and would love to hear your feedback via or @Uber_RTD. :)

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