UberBLACK Prices are Changing!


UberBLACK will always be Uber’s flagship service and we are excited to announce several updates and business partnerships that will encourage continued growth of the UberBLACK product around the world and bring you more UberBLACK riders here in Melbourne!

The below blog will cover:

  • Getting you more riders
  • Pricing updates
  • Improving quality
  • New product launch

 Getting you more business riders

Recently we announced Uber for Business in Australia, enabling the world’s businesses of all sizes to get to where they need to go via Uber. Major companies all around the world like Deutsche Bank, Salesforce.com, Barclays Americas and more have already signed up to pay for their employees’ rides on Uber.

We have also partnered with Concur, the world’s leading business expense management system, allowing users worldwide to expense their Uber trips at the tap of a button within the Uber app. This new integration gives partners access to more business riders than any other platform available:

• Over half of all Fortune 500 companies use Concur (including 7 of the top 10)
• 20,000 businesses around the world
• A user base of over 25 million people

Uber for Business and Uber + Concur has already given partners around a world a huge jump in UberBLACK trips and we’re expecting similar results in Australia.

 Pricing updates

In a continued effort to maintain UberBLACK as a premium product, we will be adjusting the UberBLACK rate and service fee. This changes will come into effect on Friday 8th May at 8:30am. On average, driver earnings should increase.



Improving quality

In another effort to maintain UberBLACK as a premium service we will be sunsetting some older vehicles. You can find the new requirements below.

Any vehicle that does not meet these requirements will be transitioned off UberBLACK on Friday 5th June.

New UberBLACK vehicle requirements

Sneak peak: New mid-tier product!

Soon we will be launching a new, mid-tier product. For those that meet the requirements, you will be provided the option to do both UberBLACK trips and trips in the new product. We will provide more information on this product in the coming weeks.

As well as benefiting partners, these changes will help the business grow and bring us closer to our vision of providing safe, reliable and affordable transportation to everyone.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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