Powering Women Entrepreneurship in India

We’re in 27 cities across India now and in every city we’ve touched, we’ve met women entrepreneurs who use technology to solve real-world problems. We spent time with a few of them to understand what drives them.

We’d like to celebrate their achievements, by sharing the stories of these unstoppable women.

Jyoti Patil | UBER driver-partner

Jyoti Patil

“Start something! It could be small, but something that you believe in.”

Jyoti has been a driver-partner for the last year and a half with UBER. Having started off with a second-hand car, she is now the proud owner of two sedans and is planning on buying an SUV soon. Jyoti was fascinated by bicycles as a kid, and loves to ride motorbikes even today.

Being a single mother of two since she was 24, Jyoti’s dreams of being a business-woman were faced with both, financial and societal challenges along the journey. She claims with a proud smile, “I never give-up. When I fall, I get up and try again.”

Her advice to aspiring women-entrepreneurs is to act on their ideas as soon as possible.

Megha Mandloi | UBER partner

UberFauji_3 (1)

“More than- ‘what would people think?’, I ask myself – ‘If not now, then when?'”

Megha has been an UBER partner for over a year now and owns one of the highest quality rated sedans in Pune. She works in an FMCG company and is a mother to one-year-old Dhruv. Megha invests most of her earnings from UBER in his future, so that her family can spend more time together as he grows up.

Megha believes that the quality of service that UBER offers, has a major effect in building brand-loyalty. She makes sure that her car is always well stocked with drinking water, fresh-mints and even Asterix and Tintin comic books!

Her advice to aspiring women-entrepreneurs is to work towards building an identity for themselves that is beyond that of being a mother, a wife or a daughter.

How to be an UBER Partner

Call – 1800-103-8884


UBER for Business

Lavanya Hariharan | Founder – Pamperazi.com


“If you’re passionate about an idea and are willing to work hard, go ahead. Take the plunge!”

Lavanya Hariharan is CEO & Founder of Pamperazi.com, an at-home on-demand full-service salon. She depends on UBER to take her stylists to the client’s home and back safely, affordably and comfortably.

After the birth of her second child, she felt the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to start off on her own. With the support and encouragement of family & friends, she decided to go ahead and set out on her journey towards being a successful entrepreneur.

Lavanya believes her young and vibrant team is her backbone and she hopes that her company will one day be a game changer in the beauty & haircare service industry.

We hope that their stories will motivate you to start something new that you’ve always privately dreamt of, but had a hundred reasons not to. Today is a great day to find that one important reason to step out and drive change!

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