Looking Forward to Year Two

One year ago, we launched Uber in Pune with the vision of creating the convenient, reliable and safe transportation option that Pune deserves. Pune’s citizens have always been future-facing, inclusive and quick to embrace new ideas and disruptive technology. And that has shown in the pace of adoption in our city, which has been remarkable.

#UberSALUTE The Indian Air Force

Today, we feel safe at home because we know that our Defence Forces are working hard to protect the Indian territory. We at Uber, salute the Indian Air Force for their efforts in safeguarding the nation’s airspace & ensuring a peaceful life for all of us. Uber is joining hands with the Indian Air Force to provide a lucky […]

Ride like a Boss in Pune – Your Questions ANSWered

What cars does Uber have on the system in Pune? Uber’s goal is to get you a high quality ride as quickly as possible. To do that we need to work with a range of vehicles that are spacious and provide a great ride. Cars in Pune mainly include Toyota Innova, Volkswagen Vento, Sedans and other mid-range models […]

Ride an Uber around Pune

Have you always wondered how far can you take an Uber? We understand that Uber’s coverage area in Pune has not been clear to some of our riders and where we draw the city limits. To clarify, we’ve drawn up the map below so you know how far and wide Uber operates within the city. […]