Portraits of Possibility

Ridesharing is more than a neighbor picking up a neighbor. Beneath that friendly exchange can lie anything from a newfound connection to a city to a new way to support that crazy business idea because hey, you just had to try it.

By finally welcoming ridesharing inside the Rose City, Portland welcomes opportunity for tens of thousands of Portlanders who asked for it. We’re excited to see over the next few months the things ridesharing can make possible for everyone.

At the end of the day, Uber is just a platform. Uber Portland will be whatever the people who use it want it to be.

Behind the Scenes with Portlanders

If you have a story of something extraordinary that ridesharing makes possible for you, we want to hear it.


Janet | Uber Partner

Janet is a mother, entrepreneur, artist, healer and Uber partner. As the founder of her own massage therapy practice, ridesharing provides her with the added income to balance her monthly budget. Beyond that, she says it also helps her add more spunk to her daily routine, filling empty days with people and places she’d never get the chance to see or meet.

Favorite topics to talk about while driving:
Horses and “darn” teenagers.

Sean | Regional Sales Manager at Elixer

Sean works in the Silicon Forest helping companies sell wi-fi routers during the day. When he’s not doing that, you’d find him speaking out for transportation rights as SW Portland’s neighborhood chair. As someone who is legally blind, Sean’s daily commute consists of walking through someone’s backyard to hopping on the Max to taking the WES to grabbing the 51 Bus if the timing is exactly right. We’re glad that route is about to change.

Where you’ll find him:
Exploring the world with his daughter and watching his wife play tennis.

Mike | Co-Founder of Feast Portland

Portland won Mike’s heart right through his belly. As the founder of the city’s largest (and most delicious) food festival, Mike knows the benefits that great transportation options can have for tourists and locals alike. After a short stint in New York City and a frequent business traveler, he’ll admit that he’s more ready than ever to have transportation on-demand.

Most likely place he’ll take Uber:
Clyde Common | Pearl District

Phillip  | Uber Partner

Philip would say, he is a people person. His quirky and charming demeanor is contagious. When people step into Phillip’s car, they’re not just greeted by a smile, but a piece of paper asking you to communicate to him via text. Phillip is deaf and an advocate for encouraging access to jobs for everyone. Uber’s technology enables him to provide not only the best customer service, but a sense of ease and comfort with all passengers who step foot in his car.

What he looks forward to most every day:
Starting his day off right in his brand new car.

Hussen | Uber Partner

Hussen came to PDX in 1996 from the far reaches of Addisababa, Ethiopia. It didn’t take long for Portland to feel like home. Within a few years of coming to the states, Hussen already owned and operated his own car dealership, but as any entrepreneur would, he realized he could have more – and he realized he could achieve it by partnering with Uber. Hussen still owns his dealership and drives with Uber to earn extra income on the side.

What he can talk about for hours:
His roots and where his charming accent comes from!

Brian | Uber Partner

Brian is an account manager, Uber Partner and full-time dad. His 3 beautiful daughters Bruno, Santino and Lucia encouraged him to start driving with Uber. Every dollar he makes goes back to support the passions and spontaneous adventures that his little girls bring him. In addition to money, ridesharing provides him the time and flexibility to be around his family on his own terms.

Favorite drive outside of Portland:
The trip out to Seaside going up 26

Mayor Doyle | Mayor of Beaverton

Mayor Doyle is as colorful of a Mayor as you can get. He’s got spunk, wit and grace enough to keep you in a conversation longer than you’d notice.  When he’s not being “Beaverton’s head cheerleader” as he’d describe himself, you’ll find him goofing around with his grandkids or playing golf in the peaceful greens of the Westside. Mayor Doyle welcomed ridesharing to his residents in November and is tickled that Uber’s newest home will encourage people in the region to move around the region without a car.

His local Beaverton Recommendation:
Beaverton’s version of Broadway

David | President of 503, TedX Portland

David is the co-organizer of TedX Portland and President of 503, an emerging events marketing agency in SE. As someone who is responsible for gathering Portland’s most creative minds in the same place, he’s passionate about the flexible income opportunities that ridesharing can provide for Portlanders looking to invest in pursuing their passions.

Where he’ll most likely take an Uber:

Leenjiso | Uber Partner

It wouldn’t be a far stretch to say that Leenjiso reads more than he drives. He doesn’t spend his time reading the daily newspaper but books on philosophy and his country of Ethiopia. For him, the beauty of driving with Uber is the time he can spend between trips writing articles about his homeland.

His go-to PDX recommendation:
The Portland Zoo

Sherissa | Owner of Bananaberry LLC

Sherissa is a Portland transplant who just made her way up to PDX from the San Francisco sun. As an entrepreneur who runs her own online on-demand babysitter service and on-site property manager at the ever-so-popular micro studios in PDX, she appreciates the technology of having a transportation option that works around her busy schedule.

What makes her tick:
Coffee (one of the main reasons she came to PDX)

Kyle | Founder of PDX Pedicabs

Kyle is responsible for the handful of pedicabs that grace the streets of downtown Portland. He’s also the brainchild behind the PDX Pedicab brewery tours you see daily. Whether it’s a couple trying to enjoy an evening downtown or a group of revelers on a quest for their next microbrew, he’s constantly thinking about the safety of his passengers after he drops them off. Knowing that his pedicabs can only go so far, having ridesharing services on-demand for his passengers is key.

Where he’d most likely take Uber:
Any microbrewery you can think of on the Eastside

Amy | Uber Partner

Amy is one of the most enthusiastic, driven people you’ll ever meet. She started driving with Uber because of her friend Janet (See above!). As a retired school teacher, Amy hasn’t technically stopped working, splitting her days between her daughter and emerging dog grooming business. With Uber, she can make extra money when the days are slow and spend as much time as possible with her daughter before she heads to college.

What she wanted to be when she grew up:
Mary Poppins, (could be why she became a school teacher).

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