#POOLstories, As Told by Driver-Partners

We recently heard from riders about their funny, surprising, and heartwarming experiences riding uberPOOL, our carpool option. From chance encounters with long-lost friends to new relationships made during the trip, riders have lots of tales to tell about their uberPOOL connections. But they’re not the only ones with stories to share.

To get the scoop from those behind the wheel, we invited driver-partners in cities across the U.S. to share their own uberPOOL stories. Thank you to the driver-partners who participated. And an even bigger thank you to all our driver-partners. Without you, uberPOOL wouldn’t be possible!

Here are some of our favorite #POOLstories from driver-partners:

“One night, I had a woman in my car when I went to pick up my second POOL request. As soon as the second woman got in the car, it turned into a reunion for them. They knew each other and hadn’t communicated in over 10 years! There were tears, and I even stopped the car so they could hug each other. It was magical. I felt good vibes during the whole trip.” — Jose, Uber partner since November 2015

“In bumper to bumper traffic going to a game, we picked up a rider who later confessed that he was truly a fan of the visiting rival team. Tensions were high, but it was so hot out they all agreed that it was better to chill in my car with the A/C.” – Elliott, Uber partner since February 2016

“One of my favorite uberPOOL moments was when I had 4 continents in my car—Australia, Europe, Africa, and America. The guy from Africa was friends with the woman from Australia, and the guy from America was friends with the woman from Europe. I told them, “Listen guys, did you know that I’m carrying 4 continents in my car at one time?” Everyone started laughing. That was awesome.” – Lamine, Uber partner since October 2015

“I picked up 2 riders on uberPOOL and after a couple of minutes, I heard screaming from the woman in backseat. When the man looked up from his phone he said, “Oh my God! I was looking for you for 3 years!” Turns out they were friends when they worked together in Iraq, but they had lost contact. uberPOOL brought them back together.” – Kajim, Uber partner since December 2015

“I picked up a gentleman, and when I introduced myself, he didn’t really respond. I could tell that he was a tourist and didn’t know much English, if any. But from what he did say, my other passenger apparently realized that he spoke Hebrew. They had a conversation all way to where he was going. It immediately brightened the man’s mood. I’ll never forget it. One of the many rewarding moments I’ve had while driving with Uber.” – Angelo, Uber partner since May 2016

“I picked up a young woman in Chinatown—it was her first day in New York. My second uberPOOL passenger was from Ohio and was about to go to Hong Kong to study for a semester. She ended up getting a free lesson in Chinese from my first passenger and they exchanged Facebook info. Then my third passenger hit it off with the other 2 and offered to show my first passenger around New York. Most awesome drive ever.” — Cesar, Uber partner since May 2015

Are you an Uber driver-partner with a #POOLstory to share? We’d love to hear from you! Submit your stories here.

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