Allen Stone’s After Party At Crescent Ballroom

Uber and Seattle’s Sweetheart, Allen Stone, are partnering up to take you to Allen Stone’s McDowell Mountain Music Festival After Party at Crescent Ballroom.

How to: Viva PHX

VIVA la uberX VIVA PHOENIX! 70+ bands and 15 venues partners bring you one mega musical night! But how will you see so many bands in one night when they are spread between several venues and several miles? Well, park your car at participating venue LAST EXIT LIVE and get whisked from venue to venue in style with uberX. Not only is it cheaper than a cab it’s less exhausting than using your own two legs.

Home-town Heroes Calexico Welcome Uber To Tucson

It was a beautiful October day in Tucson Arizona when a sleek uberX rolled up between The Rialto and Hotel Congress.

Out stepped Joey Burns and his bandmates.