Uber’s Response to Memo Issued by LTFRB on uberCOMMUTE

To clarify the misperception that Uber failed to coordinate with the LTFRB prior to the launch of uberCOMMUTE, prompting said agency to issue a cease and desist memo on social media, Uber advised the LTFRB of uberCOMMUTE on two separate occasions. On November 14, 2016 a letter was sent to the LTFRB, DOTr, and MMDA […]

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Uber Ang Pao

At Uber, we’re all about ridesharing. That’s why this Chinese New Year, we’re giving you the chance to share rides with your family and friends with the Uber Ang Pao. Starting today in the Philippines and across eight other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Uber riders will be able to send the gift of Uber […]

Introducing Upfront Fares: Know Before You Go

At Uber, we always try to give our riders the most seamless riding experience possible, from the moment they request a ride to the time they’re dropped-off at their destination. We’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out upfront fares in Cebu, starting Friday, January 27th. Simply enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, and you’ll […]

Be Part of the Uber Team!

Every day at Uber, the world seems like a smaller place because of the connections we make with people from the 500+ cities we’re present in globally. We work together, learn from each other, and make a difference together. You take ownership of your responsibilities and are empowered to turn ideas into solutions that help make lives […]

Balancing reliability and affordability

Manila, Tuesday, 27 December – On the day before Christmas, the Land Transportation and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) called on Uber and the other Transport Network Company (TNC) operating in the country to explain their pricing structure in light of what the LTFRB claims to be numerous complaints on higher fares particularly during the weeks leading […]

Reliability Whenever, Wherever

Uber shares the LTFRB’s mission of providing safe, reliable and affordable transport solutions for the benefit of the riding public. We support policies that require rides to be clear and upfront with consumers about the trip fare. We also continue to invest in technological solutions like uberPOOL and uberHOP, to help reduce traffic congestion by […]

Authorization Holds on your Uber Trips

What is an Authorization Hold? Similar to how hotels charge their guests, Uber now authorizes your non-cash payment method for every trip requested, to the amount of the Upfront Fare. At the start of a trip, Uber may place a temporary authorization hold for the upfront fare of the trip on your payment method. This will […]

Uber lauds Senate committee’s support for ridesharing to #SolveTraffic

Uber lauds Senate committee’s support for ridesharing and carpooling to help #SolveTraffic Reducing traffic is a vision Uber shares with the Philippines. On December 14, 2016, the Senate Committee on Public Services formally endorsed for plenary consideration their proposed emergency powers bill to tackle the longstanding problem of traffic in Metro Manila and other urban […]

Get an early taste of Christmas with #UberLECHON

Malipayong Pasko! At Uber, we’re all about celebrating cities and their unique cultures — and we know just how much food means to Filipinos, especially during the holidays. And for Cebu, there’s nothing more iconic than Lechon. That’s why this year, for the first time ever, we’re excited to bring Cebuanos the taste of Christmas […]

Uber Welcomes the LTFRB-7 Move on TNVS Applications

Working together with the government has always been one of the key pillars to Uber’s success in the Philippines. The news today regarding the LTFRB-7’s resumption of processing of pending Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) applications for Cebu is a much welcome development not only for Uber riders, but most especially, all our partner-drivers who […]